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Non-lethal or harmful. Clears the area pronto! 

Skunk: A Weapon From Israel.......Hmmmmm


Anonymous said...

Confucius says, "something smells very SHITTY here".

This weapon would've been very effective in Ferguson, MO....just sayin'. :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

"Just saying"? What are you "just saying"? That a weapon designed to be used against crowds would have been effective used against a specific crowd? What an amazing insight. Real genius level stuff.

ferschitz said...

If it's from Israel, it ain't a good thing.

Rightwingers, though, choose to see such things as good because, to date, heavily militarized Police attacks have mainly been against minorities and what's perceived as the leftwing, such as Occupy peaceful protests.

And why shouldn't rightwingers feel confident? Let's get real. The dreaded horrid terrible most awful LIEbrul ACLU protects the Ku Klux Klan's free speech rights when they hold their marches and rallies. Too bad the KKK doesn't extend a similar courtesy to other protestors.

When the Koch's paid to astroturf the Tea Party and funded their rallies, protests & town hall temper tantrums, the PDs were handsomely rewarded for treating Tea Party protests with kid gloves, even when many came to such rallies openly carrying weapons, as well as spitting on members of Congress and similar other nasty attacks.

And then there's the Bundy clan, where the Fed Govt has clear evidence of them not paying their fees for over 20 years, as well as overgrazing on fed lands. Yet when the Fed Govt rightfully sought to round up the Bundy's cattle in order to collect the fees DUE to the govt, the Bundy clan armed up and threatened the Fed Govt. Of course, Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes were only too happy to support this armed insurrection against the US govt and give them tons of free PR and marketing and play the victim card until Pappy Bundy opened his pie hole once too often and revealed what a racist dickhead he is (surprise, surprise). But still: Bundy's still over grazing their cattle for free on fed lands, and no consequences so far.

So, uh, hey: why wouldn't rightwingers think this is the greatest??

They HAVE been given very preferential treatment by the US and State and local govts that is VERY different from what minorities and those on the so-called left receive.

Duly noted, but what these mostly WHITE MALE fools don't get is that if the Govt ever wants to go after them with such weapons, they will. No one in the 99% is safe these days, even though these tools think they are.

Good luck with that, sheeple. Once you are no longer of some value to the 1%, you'll get the shaft just like the rest of the rabble.

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