Fw: You have to listen to this one!!!!!!

Subject:You have to listen to this one!!!!!!


CharlieE said...

Apparently, Muslim men are moving to Michigan with their Quran-permitted four wives. Then they're applying for welfare and food stamps for three of them.

Yes, I'm sure this is ubiquitous. Oh, and it's Obama's fault.

ferschitz said...

What about the Fundamentalist Mormons (yes, I know that allegedly the LDS church does not endorse this activity) who have many more than 4 wives, and most of the wives and numerous kids are on welfare??

This is actually a known fact, but where's the rightwing outrage over this?

Oh yeah, that's right: Mitt RMoney is a Mormon and ran for Pres on GOP ticket, plus those polygamous Mormons are WHITE.

Got it.

Randall said...

Nothing like a British guy telling you about traditional American values...

Hooray4US said...

Needs moar exclamation points and number 1s!!!!1111!!11!!!!1111!!!!11!!!!11!!!!!1111

5 exclamation points is not read-worthy.

stephen_pomes said...

This tripe was posted on the "Conservative Citizen" website. I knew the guys who run the website were in trouble, because they felt compelled include this self congratulatory fluff on the main page:

"The Conservative Citizen is an online journal of discerning thought and conservative excellence..."

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