FW: No more burgers and fries for our heroes

Subject: FW: No more burgers and fries for our heroes

Do read the article in Military Times below the lead article, too.

Why Burger King is leaving Military Bases                    


1.      The Burger King national headquarters announced this month that they will be pulling their franchises from our military bases.  Soon to follow will be Popeye's Chicken, Pizza franchises and the chain of barber and beauty shops which operates inside the gates of our military facilities. Reason?   Obama's mandate that all companies who do business with the federal government pay a $10.10 per hour minimum wage.

2.      The companies cite the fact that a limited military customer base cannot sustain acceptable profit margins while still offering up a hefty share of profits to the Army and Air Force Exchange System's Health and Morale fund and paying $10.10 an hour as Obama has directed for any contractor doing business with the DOD.   For those who don't know, hundreds of commercial franchises have operated on military bases for years.  This partnership has been a boon to the non-profit AAFES system.  All profits go toward programs such as organized athletic programs for the military and their dependents, exercise equipment, support for social clubs and the like.

3.      Coming at a time of tighter defense budgets the withdrawal of commercial franchises is going to put quite a squeeze on the military health and morale programs.  Every time a military grunt got a haircut, every time a military wife got a manicure or hair styling, with every burger or slice of pizza or chicken dinner sold, a portion of the profits went to this much needed program.

4.      Alas, as with all things Obama, every time he does something to please his socialist friends, someone suffers.  In this case it will be our military.  While this will be a serious loss for our stateside troops, the troops who will be most hurt by this are our troops deployed to remote areas of the world where our military folks had little to look forward to but a Burger King Whopper and fries at a small concession that might bring them a little bit of home to their lives.

5.      This should not surprise me at all but it does.  I should have been prepared for this when Obama eliminated hot meals for our troops in Afghanistan even as he and Joe Biden were booking $500,000 per night hotel suites in Paris and London....or Obama's total disregard for costs as he and Michelle have run up over $600 million dollars in vacation costs during his tenure.

6.      Oh well, I understand the military's food research facility up in Illinois is 

7.      working on "Pizza in a Pouch" for the new cold ration packs.  "Screw the 

8.      grunts" seems to be Obama's philosophy...even as he and Michelle host Jay Z and Beyonce at one of those fancy White House dinners.


Anonymous said...

Why does the fast food industry hate our troops?

CharlieE said...

Perhaps, with Burger King leaving, another company will see a void in the market and take advantage of it by moving in to take their place.

After all, a captive audience is always a good thing, and in this post-9/11 world, anything perceived as being done for the troops is great for PR.

It's that free market thing you guys are always praising, remember?

Anonymous said...

Swing and a miss, Right Wing Dad.
The only people who have proposed fast food restaurants leave military bases are CNBC and the Republicans who take their word as gospel.

The worry that Burger King cannot keep a restaurant open unless it pays it's workers an unlivable wage can be put to rest. There are Burger Kings all over the world and almost all of them comply with local minimum wage laws and turn a profit.

The actual fast food chains have no plans to pull out of military bases and will likely comply with the new regulations, should they be enforced.
Which they aren't.


ferschitz said...

Notice that all the usual suspect rightwing/libertarian sites are whining and crying about this horrid idea of - gasp! shriek! - paying the lowly fast food serfs a mere $10.10/hour. As IF this is the WORST THING IN THE WORLD!!!111!!!111!!!

And rightwing serfs will duly get in line to whine & cry about how horrid CommieSocialistNaziKenyan Obummer is for, you know, attempting to improve the wages of some of the lowest paid workers in the USA. Why the very idea that the serfs should make something merely approaching a living wage is simply beyond the pale!

How stupid are these f*ckwits? Yes, rhetorical Q.


Maybe 33 year old Burger King CEO Daniel Schwartz can *reduce* his friggin' $4mill+ compensation package in order to pay his workers better?

Oh NOES! Asking the mega-rich to contribute their fair share is simply Not. To. Be. Considered.


There is no proof that Burger King is pulling out of Military Bases, but even if it does? So what? Something else will move in to take its place. Gimme a break. What a buncha crying over a big fat nothing.

Of course, another reliable distraction for the dumb & dumber.

Hooray4US said...

In some sort of sane world (in which it appears we no longer live), shouldn't the rightwingers be upset with Burger King for not supporting the troops? If it's true that the troops & their families are so reliant on Burger King & similar services on their bases, then WHY is Burger King NOT supporting the Military??

Last I looked, Burger King is doing just fine & making healthy profits. So where's the rightwing outrage that this apparently "necessary" food outlet is, in fact, deserting the troops??

Reality's a bitch, so let's stick with rightwing fact-free victimizing to the favorite boogeyman, d*mned socialists who are ruining everything nice, like the ability to buy a Burger King on a military base.

No doubt there'll be a Burger King just down the road from the base. I know where I live, there's a ton of fast food outlets right outside a big old military base. Like the troops might have to travel an extra mile to get a whopper.


Anonymous said...

Yet another appeal to aging white retired men, some of whom likely never served in the military. Grumpy granddad, who hasn't worked in well over a decade, has no idea what it's like to survive on minimum wage. Grampy can get madder 'n hell at the darky CIC because the troops have a sad to have no whoppers on the base. Blame it all on Obama & the downtrodden workers. Ignore the rich bastards running these corporations. Free market my ass.

Stan said...





Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Boring sock puppet is boring.

Anonymous said...

WTF - Whi gives a rat's a$$ about SHITTY Burger King!



Truett Cathy (aka - your friendly homophobic chicken provider)

Anonymous said...

The problem with the leftist liberal mind is they have no idea how a business works in the real
World. 95% of Burger Kings Franchises are privately owned and in business to make profit.
They do not “Hate the Military”. It is simple economics.

If your franchise has to pay $10.10 per hour to employees and the franchises outside the base pay $7.50 per hour you can’t compete.

No one will eat at your Burger King when the Burger King outside the base sells the same food for less money. Now if Obama forces everyone to pay $10.10 per hour then the playing field is level
and they will stay on the military bases. However, the price of your food will go up to pay for this pay increase and the dollar menu will be gone.

The liberal person wants the business to still keep the price the same and have the business absorb the loss. That is where fantasy land ideals come into the picture.

ferschitz said...

Ah yes. Absolutely No One, and I do mean No One, who votes the big "D" ticket has ONE clue about the big bad old world of "business." All us lefty hippies do is laze around all day clueless and childish, never have any notion about how the world really works.

Needless to say, every single conservative is a massively intelligent, especially about the ways of business. So, for them, when the blah the dreaded "D" president maybe enforces a higher minimum wage on Military Bases, why it's the End. Of. the. World as we know it.

Try again, brainiac. As someone else pointed out, all of these fast food chains operate internationally and pay a range of min wages in various countries. And guess what, in some countries (try Australia), some min wages are quite a bit higher than $10.10/hour.

Funny how they still manage to stay in business. And yes, really, why shouldn't the franchise owner take a bit of a hit? Them's the breaks if you choose to own a business. I know bc I've owned a couple of successful businesses in my life.

It's not the blah & white situation that you make it out to be.

Are you just a sock puppet or do you really truly believe that drivel?

Anonymous said...

"95% of Burger Kings Franchises are privately owned"

According to their own website, independent franchise owners operate about 0.3% of the Burger King Business model. The rest are corporate stores.
Also, you have to have about $750,000 in liquid assets(not your house) in order to qualify as a franchise owner. Hardly the poor, belligerent small business owner. They're usually dentists who view it as a turn-key operation.
They can afford to take the hit.

Also, an increase in pay from $7.50 to 10.10 will affect the prices of the food at an approximate range of 5 to 11 cents per customer. Hardly a range that's going to be worth driving off base.

However, if everyone's pay goes up, there is more income to be spread around. I shop at your store and you shop at mine. Now Burger King has more business because more people can afford to eat there. This more than offsets the loses from increased wages.

For more information on how a capitalist economy work and why a wage floor is needed, please see everything ever published on economics since 1928.

gruaud said...

Hey Burger King: FUCK YOU.

If you won't pay taxes, the rest of us have to pick up your slack. Thanks for nothing.

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