FW: Mr Scam Man

date: Tue, Sep 18, 2012 at 7:54 PM
subject: FW: Mr Scam Man
mailed-by: gmail.com
signed-by: gmail.com

Subject: Mr Scam Man

Dan Roberts recorded this last night.
Let's see how fast it goes viral.

Subject:   Mr. Scam Man... 

Left Click Your Mouse Here:  
Mr. Scam Man   

--- love it !!


Anonymous said...

"Hurry up and get here November 4th"!!!!! Huh?

Guess what, you and your fellow rubes lost again to the zebra-skinned Mooooozlin who was born in Kenya, damn it!!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

The phrase, "love it!" appears on so many RWFs that it makes me wonder if the same think tank writes them all.

gruaud said...

There are definite patterns and catchphrases with these forwards.

Remember, most conservatives are living in an echo chamber that serves to instill strong emotions. It's all very calculated.

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