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This is history!!! Ever be mindful of the Veterans, we WILL fight for this Country!!
We will never submit to tyranny.
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Subject: Fwd: Little known history - Athens, Tennessee; 1946 - an absolute 'must see'

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Subject: Little known history - Athens, Tennessee; 1946 - an absolute 'must see'

I predict this video clip will go viral.. if it hasn't already done so.
Those of you who are veterans should watch this...

Please do not delete this bit of US History of which many Americans have no knowledge. View it and share it and pray that we will never need such a response to government.

This film may explain why Obama's Department of Homeland Security put out a bulletin classifying "returning veterans," "gun rights advocates," and "people who carry copies of the Constitution." as a "Domestic Terror Threat."  "An armed man is a citizen. A disarmed man is a subject.."

I was completely unaware of this event that took place in Athens , TN in 1946. I did not know an armed revolt on American soil by WWII veterans ever took place during our lifetime. A very sobering video to say the least.

Now the importance of the 2nd Amendment should be a little clearer to everyone.



Anonymous said...

These people might want to read the actual report (an academic study, not a DHS bulletin), which now even includes a two-page foreword explaining why e-mails like this are completely wrong.

Or they might want to read the FBI's testimony on domestic terrorism and how important it is to maintain the balance of Constitutional rights.

Or perhaps they're referring to the FBI bulletin on "sovereign citizens" -- who aren't even Constitutionalists, but instead think that the Jews stole their gold when the U.S. printed paper money, and that they can get out of any crime if their name is capitalized in court documents.

CharlieE said...

A recent poll shows that 53% of Republicans believe an "armed rebellion" may be necessary soon.

My questions regarding such a thing are as follows:

Who decides when to start shooting?
How will they make it known?
Who decides at whom we should be shooting?
If someone knocks on your door and says, "It's time to start shooting!" will you agree and start shooting?
How do you know you shouldn't be shooting at them?
How can you discern between someone to whom you should be listening, and someone at whom you should be shooting?
If other people start shooting, will they be shooting at the same people your are, or will they be shooting at you?
How will we know when everyone who needs to be shot has been shot?

ferschitz said...

A recent poll shows that 53% of Republicans believe an "armed rebellion" may be necessary soon.

CharlieE: you ask some very good & salient questions.

My question: What, exactly, are conservatives/Republicans "rebelling" against? That's what is entirely unclear to me, other than that they appear to prefer to obliterate all minorities everywhere.

For all of the conservatives "talk" about tyranny & armed rebellion, I'm not really "getting" what their vision is for a better? different? more oppressive?? all WHITE??? society/government.

Conservatives I know are all still pretty gung-ho for unending/unceasing WAR against the dusky-hued esp in MENA (which is costing us a fortune in tax dollars, but hey: let's make Dick Cheney RICH beyond imagination cuz he's white).

They certainly don't mind crushing the already poor into ever more abject poverty & hunger, which the present govt is accomplishing already.

So WHAT, exactly, is the vision for the "change" that conservatives profess to want?

Other than the nonsense that Obama is personally going to come to each and every one of their homes and: a) take away all their gunz 'n ammo, b) rape their women, c) rape their men (bc, after all, Obama is a raging homosexual, too), and d) steal their munies & give it to teh poorz, esp teh N*****s, who are ALL lazy, lousy losers driving Mercedes, living in gigantic mansions with enormous flat screen tvs & laughing their asses off at white crackers.... What is it the conservatives want to change with their "rebellion"?

Any ideas?

gruaud said...

A look into their minds. Comments are the usual chest-thumping, paranoid mush.


ferschitz said...

Gah, gruaud: I got off the boat and looked at all those mangoes. Whooo-wheee. Well that link was all about how Obamarama is playing eleventy-dimensional chess with the rubes on the right, and somehow Bamz - I guess by some kind of KenyanVulcanNazi "mind" control - forced the rubes to buy lotsa gunz 'n ammo... nope, NO responsibility on their part for being totally propogandized by the NRA. Nope. ALL Black Bamz's fault, of course. Forced 'em to spend gazillions on gunz... forced by Bamz the totally incompetent gay guy who's a pussy-wussy but somehow has these rubes dancing to his nefariously evil tunes.

Then lotsa "discussion" about how the armed rebellion will "happen."

Yet again, though, it's extremely unclear what their goal or outcome is from this "rebellion."

Just seems to be solely about gun ownership & the usual rightwing gibbering about how - definitely, for sure, THIS TIME, no doubt - Obama and also sneaky Joe Biden are gonna come an' git their gunz... boooga boooga boooga scary scary fear fear... chest thumping keyboard warriors to the "rescue."


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