Fw: Fwd: President Obama Snubs England. Nobody Attends Lady Thatcher's Funeral

Subject: President Obama Snubs England. Nobody Attends Lady Thatcher's Funeral

     One reason why England did not join us against  Syria

President Obama was a no-show at Margaret Thatcher's funeral
despite being invited to attend and thus snubbing England's
invitation as a representative of the American people.

Joe Biden also refused, as did Hillary Clinton.
By the way, former Secretary of State George Schultz went to  the funeral.

The British took note of the fact that the Obama  administration
chose not to send a single senior  member of the Cabinet.

In fact, no actively serving, elected Democrat attended Lady
Thatcher’s funeral.

The Obama Administration did, however, send a formal  delegation
of 14 to the funeral of Socialist Dictator  Venezuelan President
Hugo Chavez, who died last month.

Need any more RED flags???


Anonymous said...

Unsurprisingly, Snopes finds the idea that we "snubbed" anyone false:


One reason why England did not join us against Syria

Ha! Ya, because the type of people who want to avoid senseless foreign wars are the same type of people who held Thatcher in such high regard!

Note to wingnuts: Thatcher was not as universally beloved as you may think. I know you can hardly be bothered to know anything about your own country, let along Britain's, but the Iron Lady is possibly more beloved by American right wing idiots like you than she is by the average UK citizen.

ferschitz said...

Obama sent similarly sized delegations to both funerals, which were about a month apart. The delegation sent to Thatcher's funeral, which was NOT a State event, was comprised of high level dignitaries who mostly worked directly with Thatcher while she was in office. This was appropriate. Thatcher was PM of the UK long before Obama ever held office.

PM Hugo Chavez's funeral WAS a state event, and whether rightwing idiots like it or not, it's entirely appropriate for the USA to send an appropriate delegation to such a funeral. Obama had hoped that the USA's attendance at this State event would possibly open doors to continued better negotiations between the USA and Venezuela. Gosh: perish the thought that we try to negotiate with our neighbor in the Americas even if we happen to disagree with their politics.

Obama, himself, attended neither funeral. It's not obligatory that a President do so in either case.

More rightwing think tank lying bullshit sent forth to pander to the rubes whilst deliberately misinforming them.

Hooray4US said...

Need any more RED flags???

RED flags - eh? Does this mean a a patently false story sent out to reliably rile up stupid rightiwng idiots in RED states??? In that case, no I don't suppose any more "RED flags" are needed, as this falsehood will no doubt do the trick.

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