Fw: Give a man a fish


Anonymous said...

Even with the government shut down the right wing lie factories are still open for business.

ferschitz said...

I have elderly friends who worked into their 80s. They never had high pay jobs (and happen to be white but could be any race), but they worked hard all their lives. They did their best to save, but guess what? Some were wiped out by the 2008 manufactured "crash," where WE, The People (including idiotic Tea Partiers) bailed out the Banks & Wall St, etc, but we all got screwed & never got our money back.

One elderly friend had her pension stolen when a company she worked for for years went "bankrupt" in a Mitt RMoney/Bain Capital style of bankruptcy. In other words, the slobs who worked their for low salaries for years got their 401(k) plans stolen, while the fat cats at the top waltzed away with million$.

Just try applying for welfare & food stamps these days... these nasty shitheads make it sound like the money is handed out freely. Believe me, it's a long arduous process, and then good luck with how much you actually get. These lying liars make it sound like welfare equates to being a millionaire... like: not so much.

All this crap-on about "free Internet... free medicine... free contraceptives..." is bogus. Where IS the evidence of all of this allegedly free stuff? Show me. Cuz it don't exist.

Albeit, I should point out that these rightwing boneheads *should* be glad if free contraceptives were handed out to any citizens.

Per usual, the contradiction & coginitive dissonance is glaring. Don't you ridiculous Tea Partiers WANT dreaded horrid dusky-hued nasty freeloading slacker minorities to USE contraceptives to avoid pregnancies???

Sheesh. Idiots on parade per usual... Indeed, the govt is shut down, but the rightwing think tanks - funded by the Koch brothers & their ilk - never ever STFU.

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