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Somewhere in Texas, A Village is Missing It’s Idiot

August 7, 2013 at 11:44 am

The Washington Times reported recently that the Congressional Black Caucus is recommending Sheila Jackson-Lee for the position of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

The following is an editorial response from Lori Wallach Boxer to this recommendation.

If this wasn’t serious, it would be absolutely piss-in-your-pants funny: The Congressional Black Caucus is suggesting that ObeyMe appoint Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee to the post of Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security. The Congressional Black Caucus called her “a voice of reason that the agency could stand to gain.”

A “voice of REASON?!” She’s the voice of RACISM.

This is the same woman who during a speech on the floor of the House of Representatives, stated that Republicans were refusing to raise the debt ceiling because President Obama is Black.

This is the same woman who in July of 2010 spoke at an NAACP event and accused TEA Party members of being modern day members of the KKK.

This is the same woman who, on the floor of the House, gave her opinion that Rush Limbaugh should not be allowed to be a partial owner of a football team because of his political beliefs.

Sheila Jackson-Lee—the dumbest woman, mammal and oxygen-breathing life-form in Congress —is what happens when you mandate gerrymandering as a tool of social policy for forty years.

This is the same idiot who, during a 2005 visit to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, asked the tour guide whether the Mars Pathfinder had taken a photograph of the flag planted on Mars by Neil Armstrong in 1969.

This is the same woman who, in a speech on the floor of the House, spoke about the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and used the example of North and South Vietnam living side by side as an example of the peace that can be achieved by withdrawing our troops and allowing the people of Iraq and Afghanistan to work out a solution.

This is the same woman who, on the floor of the House, said, “I stand here as a freed slave because this Congress came together. Are we going to be able to do it today to free America?”

To quote Daniel Greenfield in an article he wrote about Sheila Jackson-Lee on July 26, 2011: “If there were ever a global championship for idiots, the country could send her there … and leave her there; because unlike Lassie, she wouldn’t be able find her way back on her own.”

Yes … let’s have HER in charge of Homeland Security … and who best to serve as her Assistant Secretary? Well, that’s a no-brainer, folks. How about another of the too-many-to-choose-from dumbed down dolts in the Congressional Black Caucus—Rep. Hank Johnson? … he who  thinks that Guam will tip over and capsize if 8,000 Marines are stationed there.

Hmm … I wonder if the Congressional WHITE Caucus will be recommending anyone for the DHS post. What’s that you say? There ISN’T a White Congressional Caucus?

About the author: Lori Boxer is the co-owner and Director of Weight No MoreSM Diet Center, a family-owned private weight loss and diet counseling practice for over 25 years with offices in New York and New Jersey, as well as client service nationwide via Skype. There are no pills, no packaged foods, no diet drinks associated with their programs; they don't sell anything! They teach clients how to lose weight in a manner that ... [READ LORI WALLACH BOXER'S FULL BIO]


Anonymous said...

No, that slogan no longer works. W has returned to Texas for his retirement.

Anonymous said...

So she called the tea party out for being racists, she doesn't support never ending pointless wars, and she believes Congress is actually capable of doing great things just as they came together to end slavery so long ago.

What exactly is the objection here?

Marc with a C said...

"What’s that you say? There ISN’T a White Congressional Caucus?"

Sure there is. It's called the Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

@Marc, isn't it just called "Congress"?

Patriot1212 said...

No information voters will keep electing her as she gives freebies to her district.

It's kind of a new version of

anti-socialist said...

In February 2011, Congress was debating federal spending. And Sheila Jackson-Lee got up to make her contribution 'denouncing a Pepsi commercial' as racist. Other things that Jackson-Lee denounced as racist include hurricanes, a balanced budget and secret service agents. Crying "Racism" is actually her only life skill.

In 2003, Sheila Jackson-Lee complained that hurricane names were too "lilly white" and said that "All racial groups should be represented." She suggested Hurricanes, "Keisha, Jamal, Deshawn".

Last year, Lee tried to denounce the Tea Party as racist at an NAACP meeting, but in the middle of it she forgot the word for sheets, and condemned them for wearing, "uh, clothing with a name." Which is exactly how most of the rest of Congress refers to her.

Not only has Jackson-Lee voted against every national security measure she could think of, but she actually goes out looking for dictators to support. She invited Assad to speak in Texas, urged F-16 parts sales to Hugo Chavez, called for an end to economic sanctions against Saddam and participated in an event conducted by an Iranian regime front group against military action on Iran. She might be considered a walking security risk, if she actually knew anything.

Anonymous said...

It's all about money. With a Corrupt politician like Jackson-Lee in there at DHS, it would be
THE party of the century for all well-connected Democratic players.

IMPEACH the LIAR OBAMA..and get rid of all his cronies!

Anonymous said...

These are the new Nazis. Make no mistake. just the kind of people Hitler swore in. She will do ANYTHING she's told.

Think about it: all the MRAPS, all the AMMO, all the WEAPONS. Obama has already assembled his "civilian security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as our defense forces.



CharlieE said...

These are the new Nazis. Make no mistake. just the kind of people Hitler swore in. She will do ANYTHING she's told.

Godwin's Law. You lose the argument.

ferschitz said...

Whole lotta racism going on here between Lori Boxer, who puts Fox to shame for her shameless race baiting & fact free ranting, and the troll who so loves to visit here and hurl out racist, homophobic, sexist nonsense replete with mis-spelled words & that all-time fave of Tea Tardz everywhere: loads of random CAPItal LetTERS!!!!111!!!

The only thing the troll avoids - which gives me a sad - is the use of many exclamation points mixed with the number1!!!111!!!

What's up with that?

gruaud said...

Well, that isn't exactly true....the troll avoids engaging any of the regulars here on issues of substance (because he can't, obviously), so he just poops out the same nonsense with every visit. Not a problem, I like my contards to act stupid. They're expert-level.

If regressives keep on regressing, they may just find that Missing Link their Department of Religious Dominionism keep whining about.

It'll be them.

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