Fw: Check out Feds'Deconfliction.wmv - YouTube

Subject: FW: Check out Feds'Deconfliction.wmv - YouTube

I feel soooo safe after seeing this...


Bob said...

That about sums it up..Yet the Obama regime DID NOTHING to intercept the BOSTON MASSACRE'S KILLERS! Even after being given WARNINGS!




Anonymous said...

Agree, they had full knowledge of these Muslims terrorists and their freeloading off the American people..only to end up Killing them!

And how much has Obama's brother Malik (Muslim Brotherhood) received?

The list is way too long..

Obama needs to go...IMPEACH!

Sandy said...

Obama and his ilk are the WORST kind of racialists there are..elitist Leninists with such contempt for America its sickening.

And the Media should be CONDEMNED for refusing to INVESTIGATE Obamas' and refusing to label them for what they really are!

Bob the turd said...

You guys have it all wrong. Obama is not a socialist, elitist Leninists, Muslim, fraud. Obama is an ALIEN!!

Look there is a website here: http://www.obamaisanalien.com/ or just Google OBAMA IS AN ALIEN!!! I mean someone made a page on the internet so it must be true!! Nobody puts up fake stuff on the internet.

Dan the man said...

YES!! I agree with Bob, when is the ALIEN truth going to come out???!!! Come on OBAMA when are you going to show us your RED EYES and green ANTENNA???

And yes this is a completely different person not affiliated with Bob

Jeb the inbred said...

Yea you guys know what you’re talking about!! My mom’s, friend’s, brother’s ex roommate lives in a SHED down the ROAD. When he is not PASSED OUT he sent me a LINK about the ALIEN SHAPE-SHIFTER!!! LOOK it is on the interent!!!! http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/03/28/white-house-actually-responds-to-claims-about-alien-shape-shifter-secret-service-agent/

Come on OBAMA!! When are you going to come clean????

And yes this is a completely different person not affiliated with Bob or Dan

CharlieE said...

Great. The lunatics have completely taken over MRWD.

gruaud said...

I freely admit that I am sitting here snickering at all this.

fetschitz said...

Well it's not like GW Bush didn't have good Intel about Osama bin Laden's coordinated attack on 9/11. He did. The attack still happened. Something like 3000 citizens died.

This enabled GW Bush & Dick Cheney to LIE us into unnecessary - but very very very lucrative for the 1%, esp Dick Cheney - Wars in Afghanistan & Iraq. These Wars have caused 100s of thousands of deaths of innocent Iraqi's & Afghani's, plus US Military, and untold property damage & losses.

Was rightwing trollio up in arms about that? Doubtful.

But let's all fap away about Obama's Hot Steamy Gay Sexytime Love Affairs: Obama should be impeached for that for sure! That, and Obama should be impeached because he's a secret Muslim. duh fap fap fap...

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