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Anonymous said...

Not a bad one. All you have to do is add into the picture of Bush, Cheney, and everyone who voted for the Patriot Act.

It has been disappointing as to how Obama has not repealed a bunch of programs started under Bush, but do Right Wingers really think things would have been a lot different under President Romney or McCain? It would be nice if we actually had politicians that represented the left or even the center politics. Instead I have the choice of either a right-wing politician or an ultra-right-wing politician.

CharlieE said...

What Anonymous said. +1

ferschitz said...

Agree with both of the above comments. Many here know that there's no love lost on my part for Obama, who has been quite successful at extending & increasing & enhancing the US domestic surveillance state. That's why I didn't vote for Obama, but I certainly didn't vote for McCain or RMoney.

We're stuck with lousy choices of lackey "politicians" who dance to the tunes of their corporate-fascist masters. If anything, Obama has tossed a few (very few) crumbs to so-called "liberals," esp in terms of some gay rights.

I am totally opposed to the Domestic Surveillance state, but if McCain or RMoney had "won," these same rightwing nutjobs would be all cozy, happy & thoroughly thrilled with every aspect of it.

Just saying...

While I *agree* with this particular RWF, it's not for the same reasons that rightwingers do. However, it's a step in the right direction, as it's actually - amazingly enough - based in some level of reality. I don't expect lightning to strike twice in the same spot, however.

Chuck said...

Obozo's more interested in the men conversations.



gruaud said...

Jeez, a RWF that actually made me chortle.

Will wonders never cease.

CharlieE said...


The problem we have with our political system is that there's only one thing that both parties can agree upon - they don't want third parties involved.

For that, we all continue to suffer.

ferschitz said...

To CharlieE:

I quite agree, and clearly there's a reason why neither "party" of the Uniparty will ever permit what are called "Third" parties to even debate at the so-called Pres "elections": they don't want citizens to have a choice; they don't want other issues and concepts to be aired and discussed.

I'm no fan of Ron/Rand Paul & the Libertarians, but I really want them to have a place at the podium to air their viewpoints, some of which I agree with.

It wasn't all that long ago that so-called "Third" party candidates were permitted to debate during the primaries. But both branches of the 1%-owned UniParty shut that down some years ago.

The debates, since then, imo, are f*cking joke. No point in listening; you're not going to hear anything of value. blah blah blah... the 1% is here to screw us all.

No amount of rightwingers sucking up to their corporate-fascist Masters is going to give them any "edge." Fools.

Marc with a C said...

Is there any real reason to believe this is a right-wing forward? Because I'm reasonably confident that the GOP and conservatives don't have much of a problem with domestic spying...provided they get to do it too.

I mean, when's the last time you saw Tea Baggers complaining about drones killing American citizens abroad without trial and the NSA hacking into their e-mail with at best the rubber-stamp approval of a court that's been shown to be less adversarial than the supreme court of the Soviet Union?

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