FW: FW: Don't Blame Me!!!



charlie said...

Don't blame me...I voted for Trump.

I won't blame you for the improved vaccine rollout.
I won't blame you for the monthly childcare stipend.
I won't blame you for rising wages.
I won't blame you for a rapidly improving economy.
I won't blame you for a rising stock market.
I won't blame you for the removal of children from cages at the Mexican border.

You get no blame.

Joe Biden will never be as great as POTUS 45

Joe Biden has already done more in four months than POTUS 45 did in four years.

And unlike POTUS 45, everything Biden has done has been beneficial to the American people.

The plan was to destroy America and convert you to Islam.

Apparently, no effort was ever made to implement such a plan, and there's no evidence that such a plan was ever in the works.

So how did Donald Trump destroy it? And why is Barack Obama, a churchgoing Christian, pictured here?

Baby's Lives Matter

"Baby's" is the singular possessive, so it can, by definition, only have one life.

BTW - no one has ever argued that the lives of any infants anywhere don't matter.


Mike Pence sucked up to Trump and approved of every single thing he did, with the exception of trying to steal a Presidential election.

Amazing that he's being attacked for that.

Gigi said...

Wow - is the Biden will never be as great as Trump one actually a right wing meme? I would say at least six of the pictures look like they're mocking Trump - e.g., yelling at a kid, having a mountain of fast food, looking like an idiot, and of course, not knowing how to hold a Bible.

I think someone is trolling the right wing dads. And to that person, I say well done.

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