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charlie said...

Yes, that's what Socialism means

Socialism is a system of government where the State controls all means of production.

No one in a position of power in the United States is proposing such a system of government.

Venezuela's failure was due to government corruption. The only time we've had that level of corruption in the U.S. was during the Trump administration. Fortunately, Trump got thrown out of office by people who know better.

(Confederate flag) Represents 60% of Americans

The Confederate flag represents no Americans. It was the flag of a failed insurrection against the United States. The people that flag represented are all dead.

Democrats deciding if they should care about a mass shooter.

They care about all mass shootings; that's why they're continually proposing gun laws that affect all Americans.

Just print more money

Like Reagan did, when he tripled the national debt?
Like George W. Bush did, when he doubled the national debt?
Like Donald Trump did, when he doubled the national debt?

The national debt is $22 trillion. It was $5 trillion when Bill Clinton left office, and had G.W. Bush left Clinton's tax policies in place, that debt would have been $0 by 2010.

Republicans decided instead to cut taxes and "print more money."

Antifa has just taken responsiblitly for storming capital hill

RWD can't even spell "responsibility" or "capitol" correctly.

"I love the poorly educated!" - Donald Trump, 2016

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