FW: FW: Biden what a terrible President!!!



charlie said...

The economy is growing, people are going back to work, and Americans are getting vaccinated at an ever-increasing rate.

We've received relief checks, a long-overdue infrastructure bill is in the works, and we're also looking at legislation that will reinforce our right to vote.

In other words, it's all good.

All RWD has is, "Our worst enemy is the Democrat party headed by Schumer and Pelosi!"

Note that there's no context there. No explanation as to why RWD believes this.

At this point, with the Democratic Party providing everything Americans have long wanted out of government, one can't help but wonder why the Republican Party continues to exist at all.

BTW - In non-pandemic times, gas prices go up every year at this time. This is normal, and Biden has nothing to do iwth it.

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