FW: FW: 2021 Downgrade


charlie said...

2021 downgrade

I don't care what Joe Biden's family or staff look like.

Also - have you seen a photo of Kayleigh McEnanny without makeup?

If you think that God is not behind President Trump, your mistaken.

"Your mistaken"?

"I love the poorly educated!" - Donald Trump, 2016.

God is behind Trump, if that god is Gozer.

Biden 80 million votes

If RWD has unambiguous proof that Biden stole the election, he should show that proof in court.

Odd; no one in the Trump camp has yet to produce such proof.

Also - it was 81 million votes.

Help us dementia potato...

Whatever. There will be enough vaccines available by the end of May to vaccinate every adult in the U.S.

We'd be a decade away from that if Trump were still in office.

Good riddance.

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