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charlie said...

There's no day liberals hate more than the 4th of July

Does A.F. Branco, the world's worst cartoonist, provide any evidence of this?

He does not.

In the last 4 years can you name anything Democrats have done that did not involve their hate for Trump?


They've passed bills raising the minimum wage.
They've passed bills protecting voting rights.
They've passed bills protecting voters against foreign interference in our elections.
They've passed bills providing financial assistance to working people during the pandemic.
Oh, and they've passed about 400 bills in addition to those.

Lives matter

The point of the Black Lives Matter movement is that the police have a habit of pretending that not all lives are equal, particularly black ones.

RWD is a bit slow on the uptake.

When will we take down these monuments of slavery

When Egypt becomes part of the United States? That would be my guess.

Are you wiling to risk catching a virus at the voting booth in November to prevent liberals from stealing your country?

How does voting prevent theft? In what way will liberals steal the country if people don't vote?

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