FW: FW: Obama had no scandals


charlie said...


Not a scandal; four Americans died, and multiple Congressional investigations by Republican investigators found no wrongdoing on the part of either Obama or Hillary Clinton.

FOUR dead Americans and Republicans got the vapors. We now have 150,000 dead from Trump's COVID-19 negligence and Republicans don't even care.

Fast & Furious

Fast & Furious was a program started in 2007 under George W. Bush

The Iran Deal

Is that the one where Obama returned Iran's money to them, as required by law?

Uranium One

Not a scandal and nothing about the Uranium One deal involved Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton at all.

Clinton email scandal

NINE Congressional investigations AND a DOJ investigation by Trump found no evidence of a crime.

Trump Tower wiretaps

There were no Trump Tower wiretaps

There have been more than 100 indictments handed out to Trump administration officials in 3 1/2 years.

In eight years, there were zero indictments handed out to Obama administration officials.

Unknown said...

Anybody remember Niger in the beginning of Trumpland?

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