Fwd: Fw: New Material. Very good! (if you are a Republican)


charlie said...

If you cheat getting into college, you can go to jail.

If you cheat getting into the White House, nothing happens.

It is dangerous to let the voters decide Trump's fate.

That would be a horrible thing to say, had Nancy Pelosi actually said it.

Donald Trump is exposing how politicians have been monely laundering our taxpayer dollars...

...by doing so himself, do it openly, and bragging about it.

13th Amendment abolished slavery.

For those who keep forgetting, the Republican party of the nineteenth century is now the Democratic party.

BTW - The reason that President Obama chose the Heritage Foundation plan as the basis for the Affordable Care Act is because it was the only healthcare plan that Republicans agreed to support. And then, having agreed to support it, they refused to vote for it.

I spied on Americans, gave Iran billions....

Obama gave no money to Iran. Period. The sale of Uranium One to Russia required that none of the uranium mined in the United States could leave the country.

Not a big deal, really.

The U.S. election system is broken on purpose.

Yes, it is. Were it not, Republicans would rarely win, as some 55% of all votes nationwide go to Democratic candidates.

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