charlie said...

Wait until the Democrats find out that Trump is colluding with God.

I love the way that the evangelicals believe that Donald Trump, a man with five children by three different women, a man who has cheated on all of his wives, a man who has spent an entire career cheating his fellow man, and a man who never attends church and doesn't appear to be even slightly religious, was appointed by God.

But they also believe that Barack Obama, a church-going man who has only been married to one woman, and who spent eight years trying to help the sick and the poor, as Christ commanded his followsers to do, was the anti-Christ.

I guess evangelicals just aren't too bright, or they don't know much about the religion in which they claim to believe.

A businessman, Donald J Trump...is leading our nation.

Donald Trump is a businessman, but he's not a very good one, having failed at nearly everything he's ever tried to do and having filed for bankruptcy six times.

The last Republican President, George W. Bush, was also a failed businessman, having run two oil companies and a Major League Baseball team into the ground.

Why Republicans continue to believe that we need a businessman in the White House baffles me, but now Mike Bloomberg, a successful businessman, is running as a Democrat.

We'll see how that works out.

It took a revolutionary man to save America.

Still not sure how Trump has "saved" America. He's signed one significant piece of legislation int three years in office - a tax cut that added $2 trillion to the national debt that he'd promised to pay off completely in eight years.

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