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charlie said...

Why isn't Hillary Clinton in prison?

Because she hasn't committed any crimes. Trump's Department of Justice completed a two year investigation into Hillary Clinton just last week.

They found no crimes with which they could charge her.

Reminder - Trump promised to have Hillary Clinton arrested on his first day in office.

He didn't do that. Then he spent two years trying to tie her to a crime which could justify arresting her.

He found nothing, and last week, the investigation was formally terminated.

This should have been headline news, but even my local paper had it on page A10.

Unknown said...

---the idea of an Iranian nuclear program is not in these. The idea of US troops in Saudi Arabia guarding a Saudi oil refinery is not in these. The dead 176 people from the Ukrainian jet liner are not in these.

---What am I missing here, to use a phrase?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

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