Fw: FW: How the Democrats Roll


Unknown said...

---when did the RWD forwards start saying in passing that Trump was a bad person, and then making excuses for it?

---Mandalay Bay Hotel in 2017 fixated guy.

charlie said...

Re: "Impeachment in secret."

Trump was allowed due process. He declined to accept it.
Republicans attended the meetings and were allowed to question witnesses.

We hired trump to weep out the trash in our corrupt government.

RWD is likely pretty disappointed at how that has worked out.

Re: "Special kind of Libtard."

Guns kill people, including children. Abortions do not kill children.

No one on welfare is eating lobster today.

The notion that an infant's future will be better under Trump, whose administration has cut spending on pretty much everything that benefits children, is preposterous.

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