Fwd: Fw: Some of the best in a while...

Some of the best in a while...

The International Monetary Fund said that inflation in Venezuela in 2018 would hit 1,000,000 %.    

 Like Democrats blaming the woes of Philadelphia on Republicans and the last Republican mayor was in office 70 years ago.


charlie said...

"Not a single Democrat voted to lower taxes. Let that sink in."

It has. The Democrats are a fiscally responsible party. Noted.

Hitler loosened gun laws.

Venezuela's economy was ruined by corruption, not Socialism. Sweden is still doing great, BTW.

The Electoral College graphic suggests that land is more important than people. Not so.

pickum said...

Contrary to a popular urban legend circulated by email, the Mustang Ranch was never operated by the US government. It was operated by the Bankruptcy Trustee appointed by the United States Bankruptcy Court on behalf of the United States Government.[11][12]

---from Wikipedia.

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