Fwd: Fw: Quotes from Sir Winston

There are a few of Churchill’s quotes I’ve never heard before. He certainly said some brilliant ones.


charlie said...

"The problem with quotes found on the Internet is that they are often not true." - Abraham Lincoln

pickum said...

In March 1920 a Kansas newspaper printed a piece titled “New Parisian Knee-Length Skirt” with a New York dateline. The joke here does not mention speeches, sermons, or letters. Yet, this joke about skirts could be combined with one of the citations above to yield the currently circulating quip: 6

NEW YORK.—The newest thing in skirts from Paris is here and created quite a sensation on its first appearance on Broadway. It is described as being “long enough to cover the object and short enough to be interesting.”

--note: guy who is interested in Mandalay Hotel murders in 2017 posted this.

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