Fwd: Just A PR Stunt...

Fwd: Just A PR Stunt.....


delagar said...

A PR stunt that we paid for -- the players and the managers who are taking a knee aren't charging the taxpayers a hundred thousand dollars.

And then, of course, the players are holding a peaceful protest to draw attention to the murder and abuse of their fellow citizens. Mike Pence (and Trump) are doing nothing but appealing to their racist, ignorant base, in an attempt to whip up their hate.

charlie said...

Mike Pence, that's who. He was in Las Vegas. He flew to Indianapolis at taxpayer expense with explicit instructions from the so-called President to walk out of the game if any players were to kneel during the national anthem.

They did and he left and got back on the plane, again at taxpayer expense, to fly to a scheduled event in Los Angeles.

It's worth noting that he never would have been able to arrive in time for the event in Los Angeles had he stayed in Indianapolis for the entire game, which meant that he planned to waste taxpayer money all along.

There's no comparison between the behavior of the players, who have a legitimate protest, and the childish behavior of those in the White House.

SJT said...

Look in the mirror RWD. Conservatives were the ones who first accused football players of kneeling just for show. I've even seen wingnuts who claims that Kaepernick was doing it as some kind publicity stunt to make money.

Typical, they know that's how Trump operates so they assume everyone else is a shameless attention whore who does things only for gain and couldn't actually care about anything else.

I also think its funny that this lame cartoonist is saying the NFL or its players said this about Pence. As far as I know, none have. In other words, another lie from conservatives.

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