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      Lefties have such short memories. Maybe Obama was referring to selling them our Uranium, or selling guns to syrian rebels, or giving millions to Iran....or any other shady dealings Obama and Hillary were up to.


charlie said...

"Over 5000 illegals voted in Virginia alone."

[citation needed]

I can't imagine why anyone would risk prison time over casting a single vote. If election fraud is going on, it's not happening via one-at-a-time-voting.

"I wish Democrats would fight as hard for Americans as they do for illegals."

They do, but for some reason, Republican voters aren't interested in a clean environment, good healthcare, or strong wages.

"until we can afford prosthetics and equipment for every single wounded warrior, we have no business paying for sex changes."

We can. We're the world's wealthiest nation. The problem is that Republicans don't want to pay for such things, because tax cuts.

"I have never met one Veteran that enlisted to fight for Socialism."

Neither have I, but I've met many who enlisted to defend our freedoms, even though no country has attacked the U.S. mainland since 1812. Our freedoms aren't currently under attack from anyone outside the U.S. So why is anyone enlisting to defend them?

"Remember all the money the Clintons raise for Haiti? Neither do the Haitians."

Remember the million dollars Trump promised to hurricane victims in Texas? Neither do the Texans.

"If 10.4 million are enrolled in Obamacare, how can 24 million loose coverage if repealed?"

328 million people are affected by the Affordable Care Act. Next question? Oh, and it's "lose," not "loose."

"Dad, why do Liberals believe the media's 'anonymous sources' with no proof, but demand evidence from President Trump?"

Easy. The media has a history of accurate reporting. Trump has a history about lying about everything.

Once again, RWD goes out of his way to demonstrate his ignorance.

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