Fwd: Startling Testimony on ICE

Why even bother having ICE if it is not enforcing the laws. Maybe we should just disband it and Homeland Security and just let anybody in that wants to be in the USA!!

If this isn’t an indictment of this Administration…I don’t know what is…it’s beyond sedition! The Director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Sarah Saldana, reports to the DHS Secretary, Jeh Johnson who, in turn, reports to Pres. Obama, the community organizer.

The GOP should air this travesty 24/7 as an example of the corruption in the Administration and the insidious effects of its policies.


CharlieE said...

Sorry, RWD, but you lost me at "Jason Chaffetz." Scandals are his raison d'être. He sees them in his breakfast cereal.

He, like every other member of Congress from Utah, has sub-50% approval from his constituents, yet he's expected to crush his Democratic opponent in November.

So it goes.

gruaud said...

Chaffetz voted against improvement to embassy security and then squealed the loudest after the Benghazi attack.

The releases are mandated by two checks: the courts and federal laws that were put into practice long before Obama was elected. Should this be reviewed and loopholes closed? Of course.

And, of course, good luck getting that enacted with our current do-nothing legislature.


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