Fwd: FW: How did they get there?


As you look carefully at the situations depicted in each of the following photos, ask yourself, "How in God's name could they possibly have gotten where they are?!"


gruaud said...

I believe they're called elections.

Look it up.

CharlieE said...

The first photo is a fake.

The guy in the last photo was elected president. Twice.

ferschitz said...

That's what happens when the MAJORITY of citizens vote for a candidate for President into office. MAJORITY rules. Sucks to be in the minority and not get that.

CharlieE said...

One wonders if these same Republicans will ask this same question a couple of years down the road should we have the misfortune of seeing Donald Trump elected.

Hooray4US said...

Dear CharlieE -
Don't be silly. Of course not: IOKIYAR always and forever.

Mike Hawk said...

He got "there" because he promised "HOPE AND CHANGE".

He didn't deliver. :-(

Mike Hawk

blaney said...

Yes, Obama, in part, was elected on a platform of "Hope & Change." I am also not totally happy with how Obama ran his Administration, but that said, Obama faced 100% obstruction for the entire duration of his now nearly 8 years in office. 100% - stated loudly, clearly and often by the Republican led House with similar obstruction from the Senate.

Yes, Obama coulda shoulda woulda done more, but how much more could have been accomplished under the current circumstances?

If you're not happy with the lack of progressive changes offered and accomplished by Obama, perhaps you ought to look at the GOP and complain to them about their incessant and constant obstruction of nearly everything and anything offered by the Democratic party. It's a sickness, frankly, and it's neatly rendered the US government nearly ineffectual, which is a stated goal and aim of the GOP. Don't like that? Complain to them.

And finally, Obama was lawfully elected by a majority of US citizens, as stated prevously, so why RWD continues to be "puzzled" about how Obama "got there" is pandering to stupidity and encouraging the ongoing obstruction to running a functioning government.

Sign me,
Really sick and tired of the GOP

Anonymous said...

Like blaney says: it's congress that didn't deliver, you feeble troll.

CharlieE said...

@Mike Hawk

"He didn't deliver. :-("

Of course he did. The president can't pass legislation; he can only propose it. After that, it's up to Congress to pass it. But the Republicans publicly declared the week Obama took office that they'd oppose absolutely anything he proposed in order to make him a one term president.

It's not his fault the Republicans won't allow any of his legislation to come up for a vote.

You should know that, but Republicans tend not to be on top of current events, as they still tend to live in the 1950s.

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