FWD: Contrary To Popular Belief.....

date: Thu, Oct 9, 2014 at 12:59 AM
subject: Contrary To Popular Belief.....


CharlieE said...

True. ISIS has all kinds of American equipment, which reminds us all what a bad idea it was to start a war over there in the first place.

Why did we do that? Oh, that's right. BECAUSE THE REPUBLICANS WANTED IT.

Thanks for the reminder, RWD.

ferschitz said...

Agree with this cartoon. This is true.

I don't blame it all on the GOP, but they certainly did get this ball rolling. And let us not forget that R-Teamers, Mad Dog McCain & his BFF Lindsey Graham, have been beating the War drums constantly.

For your viewing enjoyment, photo of McCain hanging out with ISIS leaders:


gruaud said...

Yes, ISIS has US military equipment.

So what do you want, Cardow?

The Iraqi army practically gave it to them while they pissed themselves in fear. ISIS also has myriad Russian and Chinese AFV's and heavy artillery.

You wanna draw a cartoon about that?

Or how about how the Turkish armor just sat on its collective ass while ISIS takes Kobani? That is going to be a fucking abbattoir. Draw a cartoon about that.

Maybe it will shame Erdogan into actually doing something.

CharlieE said...

I'm surprised that "Mike Hawk" hasn't chimed in to blame the fact that ISIS has American equipment on Obama's poor golf game.

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