Fw: Half and Half

Subject: Fw: Half and Half
Date: Mon, 6 Oct 2014 15:40:38 -0500


ferschitz said...

No argument from me. At least this one's not filled with the usual sexist diatribing.

I only voted for Bubba once, and I certainly will NOT vote NeoCon/NeoLib War HAWK war criminal Hillary Clinton. But I don't hate her just because she has lady parts.

Mike Hawk said...

But ferschitz....this "HillBilly" pictured above certainly is SEXIST.

I'm assuming the figure above is wearing pants with that suit; we all know how much Queen Hillary is teased about her pantsuits.

Why didn't you vote for Bubba the second time around?

I understand Monica didn't because that damn Democrat left a bad "taste" in her mouth.

Bill Clinton = The first Black president of the United States! :-)

P.S. - Are you not so sure that Ol' Hillary doesn't have a penis (inside those pantsuits)?

CharlieE said...

I didn't vote for Bill Clinton either time, but I regret that. I miss the days when I was earning 25% annually on my mutual funds.

Let's see - when was the last time my money earned that much when a Republican was in the White House...

...oh, that's right, never. That's because the Republicans destroy the stock market when they're in the White House.


The Republicans are so toxic to the stock market that you have to wonder why anyone who owns even a single share of stock would ever vote Republican.

And they say they're the party of business.

gruaud said...

I'll second that, CharlieE.

When Bush the Lesser became president, I sold my stocks and invested in gold, because Republican presidents invariably crash the economy.

After Obama was elected, I cashed out the gold and bought stocks again. Worked like a charm.

Mike Hawk said...

Hey gruaud....when you supposedly invested in all that oro/gold....did you at least have a few of your teeth filled with it? I bet you have a real pretty smile today.

So you unloaded ALL your stocks when W became president? Who in the hell was your advisor? To totally unload one's entire stock portfolio like that is NEVER a wise strategy...even if you're a myopic and not-so-wise dabbler in the market.

I don't think you know your ass from a hole in the ground when it comes to investing in the stock market.....as a matter of fact, I bet you've never owned a single share of stock in your life. I'd bet my last dime on that.

Now, go cash your government assistance check and put your joint down. That would be so "groovy" of you.


gruaud said...

You'd lose that bet, sonny. I'm not a dabbler. I'm in it to win it.

I sold at the end of 1999. Go look at any ticker and see what happened. MSFT is a good example. Look at that.

You probably don't remember the Y2K hysteria. I saw right through it.

And I'm still a liberal. Imagine that.

Mike Hawk said...

gruaud....You truly are a Renaissance Man...a man for all seasons and well ahead of your time.

Not only do you have ALL the answers as to what ails our great country, you also are a shrewd and very astute player in the stock market (despite being a dreaded liberal).

Gee whiz, I wonder, do your farts smell like roses, too?

One day I plan on growing up and being just like you, my man! :-)

gruaud said...

I'm not ahead of my time. I'm a New Dealer. We're different, not new.

I've made my share of mistakes. And I still do. As for our country, we've tried it your way since Reagan. It has been a spectacular failure for over 30 years.

Why not try it my way again?

Everybody wins.

Mike Hawk said...

Indeed, it's been a "spectacular failure"....I wonder though, why so many people would risk their lives to come to this spectacularly FAILED country? They're coming in droves, gruaud....friggen' droves.

We must be doing something right, no? ;-)

gruaud, you seem a bit disenchanted with the current state of affairs in our country. You are down and very negative.....get out if your funk, my man.

This is still the greatest country in the world in which to live. Hang out with positive folks who have had a vision and made that vision become a reality for them....through hard, honest, sweat equity. Stop whining and blaming "the system"....anything and everything is attainable in this GREAT land, Chief gruaud.

Do something productive to bring about positive change in your community. Run for office....help feed and clothe the needy....conduct some fundraising for a cause that you support.

Don't let the "dreaded" 1%ers ruin your cotton-picking life. You are continually obsessing on how they have ruined everything for everyone.

Do your "thang"....and to hell with the 1%ers. You can refuse yo be their lil' puppet and cut the strings that bind you.

Carpe diem....

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