FW: U.S. Army Maj Gen Harold Greene was buried today at Arlington National Cemetery

Sent: Mon, Aug 18, 2014 6:08 PM EDT
Subject: U.S. Army Maj Gen Harold Greene was buried today at Arlington National Cemetery

 <http://legalinsurrection.com/2014/08/guess-who-was-missing-at-funeral-of-highest-ranking-officer-killed-in-combat-since-vietnam-war/> Guess who was missing at funeral of highest ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam War?? Nothing like a lack of courtesy to prove lack of character!

Posted by  <http://legalinsurrection.com/author/bill/> William A. Jacobson    Friday, August 15, 2014 at 10:09am

"Respect By The Chain Of Command?"

 http://bcove.me/a6wwmpmq <http://legalinsurrection.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/Funeral-Major-General-Harold-Green-Wife-Flag-e1408112350489-620x434.jpg>

U.S. Army Major General Harold Greene was buried today at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors, including a caisson, two escort platoons, casket team, firing party, colors team, and a caparisoned horse. The U.S. Army band, “Pershing’s Own,” played softly as the funeral procession made its way down the long hill past the rows of simple white gravestones to bring General Greene to his final resting place.

The graveside service began with a few words, followed by a 13-gun salute. The major general’s widow, Dr. Susan Myers, was seated in the front row. To her right was their son 1st Lt. Matthew Greene, his daughter Amelia Greene, followed by Major General Greene’s father, also Harold Greene.

After three rifle volleys and the playing of “Taps,” the American flag, once placed on the major general’s casket, was carefully folded as the band played “America the Beautiful.” U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno presented the flag to his widow, and additional flags to his children and father.

General Greene, 55, became the highest-ranking fatality in the war in Afghanistan after an Afghan military police officer opened fire on Aug. 5th, 2014.

Some People were missing:  No President; No Vice President; No Secretary of State; No Secretary of Defense.  It was confirmed that President Obama was playing golf at the time of the funeral.


gruaud said...

"Nothing like a lack of courtesy to prove lack of character!"

The GOP's behavior toward Obama goes way beyond mere political rhetoric and zoomed over into cultural ignorance and racial hatred. And I include all the professional hate-talkers in that tribe.

There's your real lack of character.

Schitzengiggles said...

Hagel was there at least. I have my own set of issues with Obama so
I don't need genned up BS. Snopes actually was one place that debunked it but you know, Snopes are Liberal-shills-Soros-financed commies so anything they have to say is automatically dismissed....unless it validates a GOP talking point. Then it's okay and they are the true truthsayers. Just sayin...

Anonymous said...

Chuck Hagel wasn't there? HUH?????????????????????????????????????????


Wrong, dongs!

Plus, I believe this was a PRIVATE funeral.

Anonymous said...

Guess who was missing at funeral of highest ranking officer killed in combat in Vietnam?

Richard Nixon.
Perhaps because making political hay out of a man's death is the most disrespectful thing of all.

Also, what's with the right's obsession with O'd golf? Like that's not something people do.

Does no one remember
"Now watch this drive?"

ferschitz said...


Worth reading bc it explains how this b.s. got published in the first place.

"As it turned out, both Drachenberg's tweet and Davis' tweet were wrong. Drachenberg's had an error which he later corrected. Davis' was an intentional falsehood, about which he later boasted. "

Davis claims that he did this rile up the rubes bc he knows the RWNJ (rightwing nut jobs) are *reliable* in their knee-jerk hatred of Obama.

I question whether Davis is the "innocent" that he portrays himself... just foolin' around, ya know, boyz will be boyz 'n all. Davis was in charge at Gitmo. I suspect Davis sends out this kind of race-baiting pernicious crap at the behest of some right wing think tank.

But whatever. Just shows that most of this crap is ginned up to fan the flames of racism.

For the record: there is no "tradition" of US Pres or Vice Pres attending funerals of this type. Neither Nixon or W attended similar funerals for Generals. Hagel DID attend the funeral - that was another lie that was sent out, which the RWNJ's duly frothed at the mouth about without checking out the veracity.

I have no respect for Davis. I'm sure he's a shill, as much as anyone else sending out this crap. He was called on his lies, and he admitted them giving a stupid reason for doing this in the first place.

For someone ex-Military, who teaches law, I find it highly suspect that Davis would send out this sh*t just to be, you know, teh funneeee. What a tool. Guess he got highly compensated for that.

Behold the Chain of Command, indeed, if some ex-Military mucky muck thinks it's a big fat joke to send out lies to diss the US Pres... all in the name of having fun while watching the RWNJs do their full-tilt boogie racist bigoted reaction.

How "instructive."

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