Fwd: FW: Did you know this about bats? ;-)

Did you know this about bats?

The newsletter from, "The Texas Gardener Seeds" said:

Put up a bat house to encourage the presence of these shy animals.  Bats consume 3,000 or more mosquitoes and other insects nightly, and bats are less likely to be rabid than dogs are.

Need another reason?  Bats are responsible for up to 95 percent of the seed dispersal essential to the regeneration of forests.

Our planet is populated with plenty of bizarre and astonishing creatures.  Here are three from the Bat Family

Sucker-footed Bat

Red-Winged Fruit Bat

Left-Winged Ding Bat

So 2 out of 3 Bats have a useful purpose!

If we could just train him to eat mosquitoes..

Or do anything useful...


CharlieE said...

Pretty funny, calling President Obama "left wing."

Calling him a liberal does not make him one.

Anonymous said...


Funny thing though, if killing off every one of these bats would make the Koch's one dollar richer they would do it in a heartbeat and wingers would cheer them on.

ferschitz said...

IF ONLY Obama was "left wing."


Let's face it. RWD hates Obama because he's Black. Obama's politics, alleged abilities, political savvy or not has nothing to do with how RWD feels.

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