Fw: Obamacare Website Headquarters

Subject: Fw: Obamacare Website Headquarters

Take the penalty or attempt to signup  "that is the question?"   

Subject:  Obamacare Website Headquarters



Great photo......
Obamacare website headquarters 


CharlieE said...

Not racist. Really. Don't believe me? Just ask the sender.

And they forgot to add, "I don't care if your (sic) a Democrat or a Republican. This is too funny not to pass on."

Though it isn't. And you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

"Take the penalty or attempt to signup "that is the question?"

Yes, I'm sure that's the biggest worry people without health insurance have...

gruaud said...

Has a launch of any kind ever been absolutely perfect?

Like, oh I don't know, the launch of Medicare Part D under Bush the Lesser?

No, of course not. It sputtered for a while and then the glitches were ironed out. Look it up.

So this constant bitching is not only hypocritical, it's pretty childish.

ferschitz said...

"So this constant bitching is not only hypocritical, it's pretty childish."

Agree. And what other solution or alternative are these rightwing think tanks and legislators offering instead?

What's that I hear? crickets

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