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CharlieE said...

Funny; I don't recall seeing anything like that from the Right about Ronald Reagan's incompetence, which left 240 Marines dead in Lebanon.

And we know what he did as president - he tripled the national debt and eliminated the Fairness Doctrine, creating the insane asylum that passes for the modern Republican Party.

That's a lot for Hillary to live up to, and I don't think she could match it.

gruaud said...


Anonymous said...

This just shows how afraid they are of her. We're going to be seeing a LOT of Hillary RWFs over the next several years.

ferschitz said...

I have my own questions about Benghazi, but they're not the gobbletygook crap nonsense being spewed out, per usual, by the reliable rightwing propoganda outlets.

I am also not a Clinton fan, either of Bill or Hillary. I won't vote for her for POTUS, and you can take that to the bank.

As usual, there's a ton of stuff that one could point out about Hillary that is worth investigation and/or discussion. Duly noted, though, that all the rightwing think tanks will spew forth is sexist bullshit, crappy nonsense, outright lies and stupidities.

Sadly, that's what passes for political "debate" these days, especially for conservatives. Therein lies the problem.

Also I simply cannot wait to see the foaming at the mouth nutcases that'll be unleased in the Republican Klown Kar to run against HRC. Paging Icky Ricky Santorum....

Hooray4US said...

Rush Limbaugh has brainwashed the dittoheads to hate hate hate Hillary, and it's mainly about sexism & misogyny, not really about her politics or capabilities. The photo of Hillary on a bad hair day was carefully chosen, along with the "scary" font.

These keyboard warriors aren't the most courageous, or smartest, voters out there.

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