Fw: The Legacy of Three Famous Men

Three Men Remembered

Every man wants to leave a legacy, Something he will be remembered for...

These three certainly left their mark.


Anonymous said...

Except for, say, the 1.1 million new jobs alone created in 2010. More than the 1 million jobs created from 2001 to 2009 under President Bush the Younger.

CharlieE said...

Republicans in the Senate have repeatedly filbustered Obama's proposed stimulus and job creation bills.

Why is the Right holding Obama responsible for actions that are clearly their own?

gruaud said...

Because that's how they roll.

They don't want to govern, they've said so repeatedly.

They want to steal.

Marc with a C said...

Obama 2008 to 2012? I think someone's in denial.

ferschitz said...

Uh, hmmm.... Sainted Steven of the NO-Jobs for USA citizens off-shored tons of US jobs mainly to FOXCONN (you do the math with that name) slave factories in China. Conditions in Sainted Steven of the NO-Jobs Foxconn factories were so horrid, that Chinese slaves were regularly committing suicide by jumping off the roof. It got so bad, that Sainted Steven of the NO-JOBs had the factory put out nets so that the slaves couldn't even kill themselves.

Sainted Steven of the NO-JOBS was obscenely wealthy, but he hesitated not one instant in firing tens of thousands of US citizens from good paying jobs bc Sainted Steven of the NO-JOBS wanted more money for himself.


Clinton got Blow Jobs in the Oval Office, but surprise, surprise, the US economy was great & jobs were plenty when he was in office, but let's not let trifling details get in the way of rightwing bullshit. BTW, though, I am no fan of Bill Clinton, myself (repeal of Glass-Steagel), but let's stick with some facts.

I'm NO fan of Obama, but I agree with other commenters: the Republicans in the House & Senate have refused to implement anything approaching a decent stimulus, and they could care LESS about any kind of jobs program.

Figure it out (yeah: what a joke with conservatives).

Hooray4US said...

Obama 2008 - 2012?? Uh, yeah, Marc with a C: talk about denial... Obama was only campaigning in 2008 but his Blackity Black Black Blackness caused poor employment figures in that year.... uh, lessee, who was Pres in 2008?? Oh, nevermind...

Plus: what happened to 2013?? Are the employment numbers up, so the rightiwngers don't want to mention them now?

OR: just another recycled POS that doesn't have a lot of bearing on factual reality in any case, aka, the usual fact-free nonsense that rightwingers love to read and hear.

blaney said...

Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011

What did Steve Jobs do from his moment of birth until the early 1970s when he started working at Apple?? Why is that time-period of Jobs' life included in this inaccurate & essentially stupid comparison?

Do these lunkheads know that Jobs was originally forced to leave Apple shortly after he was hired there??

Do these knuckleheads get that there's a difference between what a business owner does and what a politician does??

Anonymous said...


The knuckleheads and lunkheads are the masters of false-equivalency and always seem to disregard the fact that correlation does not imply causation.

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