This is worth watching...

The most succinct and telling argument I have seen.  The slave reference is the epitome.  Of course, any of us could become a minority.

An interesting perspective indeed, and very well articulated.
Wonderful to see a young lady, no doubt raised and trained (read ‘brainwashed’) from birth to be to be a liberal, who has applied her intellect and logic to an emotional subject, and come up with the obvious logical answer.  Not easily done, and my hat’s off to her.  This young lady hits the nail on the head, telling a side of the gun control issue that most have never thought about.
Take a couple minutes to listen to what a very bright young black woman has learned...
Forward on because everyone needs to hear this. 


Anonymous said...

Does she tell the story of how Ronald Reagan signed gun control laws in order to disarm the black panthers and other types who weren't "worthy" of the right to bear arms in his opinion?

Anonymous said...

Boy, they sure figured out a lot about this "brainwashed liberal black lady" from that video. Good thing she's "articulate," "logical," and "bright."

But back to her argument: I agree, a ban on guns is unnecessary. But restrictions on guns for the obviously unhinged, like the Navy Park shooter who had a long history of attacking others and not being charged with any crime, could have "stopped evil when it walks through the door, even by blowing its head off."

gruaud said...

A ban on guns is not the same thing as gun control.

The issue is that the NRA and its gun loons refuse to entertain any idea of checks and balances on gun ownership. That, to rational people, is reckless and irresponsible.

Also, loved the condescension in the forward. They just can't help themselves.

CharlieE said...

In the eyes of the NRA and their faithful followers, a background check requirement is exactly the same as Barack Hussein Obama coming to your home and personally confiscating anything he may regard to be a weapon.

ferschitz said...

And let us not ignore the ultimate *projection* about how all AA's are "brainwashed" to be dreaded, dirty "liberals."

Agree: gun regulations are not the same as a ban on guns, but the brainwashing provided gratis by the NRA certainly *projects* that notion to these ignoramuses.

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