Fw: Obama has been rated 5th best president ever.

Obama has
 been rated 5th best president ever.

Of the total of 43 US Presidents (yes, only 43 because Cleveland was elected for two nonconsecutive terms):
Obama has been rated 5th best president ever.

The White
House press release said,"...after a little more than 4 years, Americans have rated President Obama the 5th best president ever."

aren't publicly releasing the survey, but it was
provided to us by a source who asked to remain anonymous. It

Lincoln, Washington,
Jefferson and
Reagan tied for

* 16
presidents tied for second,

* 19
other presidents tied for third,

* FDR,
LBJ and Jimmy Carter tied
for fourth, and

Obama came in


gruaud said...

If you look at the aggregate of all the important surveys since 1948, you can break down the results into quartiles. In the first quartile are the best presidents, and in the fourth, or bottom quartile, are the absolute dregs.

Quartile 1
Teddy Roosevelt

No real surprises

Quartile 4 (the worst)
A. Johnson
and, of course, Bush the Lesser falls with a resounding SPLAT into this quartile. Also no surprises.

Obama and St. Ronnie fall into Quartile 2. I'd rank Reagan a lot lower, definitely in Q4 because he was such a tool and the rape of the middle class can be traced right to his doorstep.

So, cool joke, bro.


CharlieE said...

Once I saw Reagan at the top of the list, I knew I was reading RW bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Reagan is the first clue that this is right-wing "humor," and a little Googling shows that it started out on conservative joke forums.

But perhaps more importantly, I wonder if any of them can articulate what makes Reagan, Lincoln, Washington, and Jefferson the best but FDR the second-worst?

Arthur Fisher said...

Ah yes, the Depression ending, World War Two winning nightmare that was the Roosevelt administration.
So awful,they elected him four times...to teach him a lesson or something.

ferschitz said...

FDR was *universally* loathed, despised & hated by the 1%, especially Prescott Bush. FDR, himself, came from the 1% & wasn't initially all that keen on enacting measures to benefit the 99%.

The PTB, especially the Bush syndicate & the Bankers, supported Hitler bc they made a lot of money during his rise to power. They also pushed for the USA to remain "neutral" during WWII, but ultimately Team USA had to get involved for various reasons.

FDR had to improve the lot of the 99% many of whom were malnourished during the Depression & would not have been capable of fighting without better nourishment. There were also a lot more big demonstrations that happened during the Depression, and FDR rightly saw that someone had to improve the lot of the 99% to avoid a real revolution, such as what had been witnessed in Russia.

Since that time, the 1% has worked tirelessly to roll back all of the improvements for the 99% enacted by hated (by the 1%) FDR. Their use of the media, Madison Ave & other forms of propoganda and brainwashing have done the trick and left the majority of citizens brain dead and unquestioning and fact-free.

IMO, I think Obama ranks down there as one of the worst Presidents, but not for the reasons that most rightwingers do (I'm not really sure why the right hates Obama so much other than that he's black. IMO, he's very conservative, but that's just me).

sabina moon said...
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