Fw: A sober look at true crime stats in the US

Subject: A sober look at true crime stats in the US
short video; worth the watch.......................


Anonymous said...

A few notes about this video's conclusions:

* If this is all about guns, why obsess so much over the assault rate and downplay a murder rate that is 4 times that of Britain's?

* "6 times as many metropolitan areas as England" is not an important number when we have 6 times the population and are talking about crime rates, not totals.

* If England has a higher assault rate but a lower murder rate, can we really conclude that all violence is caused by large metropolitan areas?

* Do people who believe THE GUBMINT is trying to steal their guns truly want to consider solutions to poverty, inner-city violence, drunk driving, drug use, and other causes of crime? Or is this just more concern trolling about how we can never fix any problem in the US as long as there are starving children in Rwanda?

Anonymous said...

These people are paranoid, sociopathic idiots.

Which, I suppose, describes most reactionaries these days. When you're fed a steady diet of hate, paranoia, and stupid, what can you expect?

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