Fw: Fwd: A Real "Man's Man" Gun Show!

Subject: Fwd: A Real "Man's Man" Gun Show!

This, boys
        and girls, is a real gun show!

this is a gun


Anonymous said...

So how many people were shot by mistake at this one?

gruaud said...


LiberalGunner said...

I'm a gun guy that hates gun guys.

ferschitz said...

I don't want to link, so I assume it shows a buncha red neck - most likely overweight & dressed in fake "camos" - males all standing around circle-jerking each other while fondling machine gunz with their "extra" hand.

Do I get a prize for guessing correctly???

Thx 4 Fish said...

Re the link to accidental shootings at gun shows: There will always be idiots-with-loaded-guns; it may be the same idiots-with-cars I see on the roads everyday. But the point is there are lots of idiots out there, not intending harm, but really not caring enough to be responsible and follow the rules either. This is the reality that reasonable gun laws (and any laws) should try to confront.

ferschitz said...

To Fish: ok, fine. But I cringe at the analogy between gun-inficted deaths, and car inflicted deaths.

Are there irresponsible people driving who cause deaths (DUI, etc)? Yes, certainly. But the analogy to guns doesn't hold water because we, as a society, are constantly reviewing safe driving laws and regulations and make changes to those laws. There is a general agreement in our society that certain behaviors merit stronger fines and punishments.

For ex, nowadays there are some pretty high fines and other punishments - at least in some states - for talking on your phone and/or texting while driving. And these laws are enforced vigorously.

With gun laws and regulations, about the "best" that has happened is maybe a few tweaks here and there.

The NRA even managed to stop the CDC from studying gun violence, for pete's sake. The CDC wasn't even *permitted* to do a frickin' study.

There is simply NO analogy between unsafe driving practices leading to death from driving cars and unsafe gun practices leading to death by guns.

I get seriously annoyed with the idiotic comparison of driving cars and using guns as an excuse to do absolutely nothing to further regulate guns and gun sales. Bogus.

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