FW: Obama Wants Radical Muslims in New Egyptian Government

Subject: Obama Wants Radical Muslims in New Egyptian Government

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Obama Plan Calls for Radical Muslim Brotherhood in Egyptian Government
Special: The United States of Islam — Special Report
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Anonymous said...

"Bart, I don't me to alarm you, but there may be a boogie man or boogie men in the house!"

Anonymous said...

Complicated regional politics that places the United States' supported political regimes at risk? Sorry, can't hear you over this "all Muslims are terrorists" dog whistle I'm blowing!

ferschitz said...

One word: BOGUS!

Of course the complexities of foreign and international politics would be too hard for conservatives to actually go out and study on their own, think about the situations and people involved, and you know, draw some conclusions for themselves.

Easier just to listen to Glenn Beck spoon-feed you the nonsense about scary scary moooslins booga booga hate Obama boooga boooga and then use the clicker to go back to watching World's Biggest Losers.

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