FW: Obama Advice!

Subject: Obama Advice!


Anonymous said...

Obama loves the Muslim Brotherhood! He made this happen!

If only he had embraced W's sweeping plans for democracy, which are directly responsible for the democratic uprising.

Um... hold on. I seem to have my neocon logic in a tangle.

Oh wait, that's how it always is.

Anoner said...

The Muslim Brotherhood is really Al Qaeda in disguse and is violent... except that it's NOT.

As we all know, FACTS are not relevant to conservative rightwing thinktanks hell-bent on manipulating and misguiding conservative serfs... because it works!

Win for the Gipper! Zing...

ferschitz said...

Because when Egyptian citizens take to the streets with rocks, etc, to *protest* in order to *restore* their Egyptian constitutional democracy and fight to have their rights empowered, and fight to be able to *vote in* the leader they want... the elites in the USA, who've been propping up Mubarak for decades (at the cost of $billions of YOUR and MY tax dollars), and because the elites have used Egypt to torture for the USA... those elites no likeee the good citizens of Egypt demanding what are their constitutional and democratic *rights.*

So David Koch pays AEBranco to create something that is not only "comically" incorrect... it's just *incorrect*... period.

But it is reliable to gin up ersatz outrage at the "usual suspect," Obama, whilst deflecting conservatives from paying attention to how the serfs in Egypt are demanding their God-given rights...

Power to the People!

Wake up sheeples.

Hooray4US said...

Hey! Wake Up, David Koch!! What took you so long to manufacture this lying piece of rightwing propoganda? You're falling down on your job, Cock, uh, Koch...

gruaud said...

Oh sweet Jesus, they're trying to launch another FOX meme.

It's funny watching FOX desperately try to spin the Egyptian protests as something bad for Democrats and Obama in particular. They know they got nothin' so LET'S MAKE SHIT UP AGAIN.

Hey, just so you know, conservatards?

Rupert Murdoch isn't an American citizen.

You're welcome.

Marc with a C said...

It's kinda like the position we found ourselves in the mid-1950s regarding Indochina.

Hurray for democracy and down with French imperialism! But wait...democracy means a popularly elected communist government.

Hmmm...this one's gonna be tricky.

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