FW: Short and to the point

Subject: Short and to the point

Short and to the point
Try as I may, I can't add a thing to this …


gruaud said...

"Try as I may, I can't add a thing to this …"

Ah, Jesus, too easy.


Alan Connor said...

Last panel looks half-competently altered. This version better fits the style of the cartoon.

ferschitz said...

Thank you, Alan Connor, for the link to the original cartoon. What's particularly "amusing" is reading the comments in that link. There's several conservatives who keep saying that the left *constantly lowers itself to this kind of debased behavior*!! And while those commenters at least decry this bastardized version of this cartoon as being "wrong," they keep posting about how the left does this kind of "debased" thing so much more than conservatives.

I wish those commenters would come to this website and explain all the rightwing crap that we see pumped through here daily. And I sure wish that they could give us all clear, ongoing, concrete examples of how the left is pumping out "more" and "much worse" stuff that what we see here constantly.

One commenter refered to the false info that got Dan Rather in trouble in 2004!! Knock knock, yoo hoo: that was 6 years ago, and I never felt that Dan Rather exemplified the "left." What else are you contards talking about?

Meh... typical conservative junk with typically victimizing conservative commentary. And the one lady commenter even starts whining about poor people and how SHE shouldn't have "pay" for them. Yeesh, no doubt that lady considers herself a "good christian," too.

Most conservatives are deluded. They listen to liars on the radio and tv, who enable them in being selfish cretins.

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