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Anonymous said...

Which is it? Free market or government regulation? Can't have cake and Edith too.

Anonymous said...

Save you all some time: Peggy Noonan thinks Obama is out of touch and doing a piss poor job. Quite a shocker, I know. Apparently she think Obama should use some of his magic Aqua-man power stop the oil leak.

One gem from the article: this is Obama's 3rd strike, according to Noonan. The first? Having a long and costly fight over Health Care (which he eventually won). The 2nd: ignoring the please of Americans for comprehensive immigration reform (despite advocating for this and being yelled at by Republicans). Yes, he sure is a screw up Peggy.

gruaud said...

Oh Nooners, what a little hack you are.

ferschitz said...

Dame Peggithington NooningtonHampshire prolly got inta the booze and pills early to poop out this one. I'm a little surprised that teabaggers would send this out, though, bc I thought Dame Peggington was persona non grata due to her despising the Snowbilly Grifter for being the empty headed shyster that she is. I thought all teabaggers took the pledge to swear off Nooners forevermore:


Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, I don't know the answer.

Nooners been a hack like since forever. Go ahead and read her alcoholic rants if you're bored. She hasn't be relevant since about 1980, if even then.

Hooray4US said...

Lady Muckey-muck has never gotten over the effrontery of a dusky one occupying the same position and space as Sainted Zombie Reagan. How uppity can one get??

Nooners never dissed Bush for Katrina but somehow decides that Obama has committed the great sin of "permitting" a disaster to occur on his watch.

Take two more 'ludes, Lady Muck; you'll feel better in the morning.

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