FW: Genesis 47: 13-27

This originated with a Baptist minister in Virginia . I think it speaks
volumes about where we are today. Please read with an open mind.
Genesis 47: 13-27

Good morning, brothers and sisters; it's always a delight to see the
pews crowded on Sunday morning, and so eager to get into God's Word. Turn
with me in your Bibles, if you will, to the 47th chapter of Genesis; we'll
begin our reading at verse 13, and go through verse 27. Brother Ray, would
you stand and read that great passage for us?

... Thank you for that fine reading, Brother Ray. So we see that
economic hard times fell upon Egypt , and the people turned to the
government of Pharaoh to deal with this for them. And Pharaoh nationalized
the grain harvest, and placed the grain in great storehouses that he had
built. So the people brought their money to Pharaoh, like a great tax
i ncrease, and gave it all to him willingly in return for grain. And this
went on until their money ran out, and they were hungry again.

So when they went to Pharaoh after that, they brought their livestock -
their cattle, their horses, their sheep, and their donkey - to barter for
grain, and verse 17 says that only took them through the end of that year.
But the famine wasn't over, was it?

So the next year, the people came before Pharaoh and admitted they had
nothing left, except their land and their own lives. "There is nothing left
in the sight of my lord but our bodies and our land.. Why should we die
before your eyes, both we and our land? Buy us and our land for food, and
we with our land will be servants to Pharaoh." So they surrendered their
homes, their land, and their real estate to Pharaoh's government, and then
sold themselves into slavery to him, in return for grain.

What can we learn from this, brothers and sisters?

That turning to the government instead of to God to be our provider in
hard times only leads to slavery? Yes. That the only reason government
wants to be our provider is to also become our master? Yes.

But look how that passage ends, brothers and sisters! "Thus Israel
settled in the land of Egypt , in the land of Gos hen . And they gained
possessions in it, and were fruitful and multiplied greatly." Go d provided
for His people, just as He always has! They didn't end up giving all their
possessions to the government, no, it says they gained possessions!

But I also tell you a great truth today, and an ominous one. We see
the same thing happening today - the government today wants to "share the
wealth" once again, to take it from us and redistribute it back to us.

It wants to take control of healthcare, just as it has taken control of
education, and ration it back to us, and when government rations it, then
government decides who gets it, and how much, and what kind.
And if we go along with it, and do it willingly, then we will wind up
no differently than the people of Egypt did four thousand years ago - as
slaves to the government, and as slaves to our leaders.

What Mr. Obama's government is doing now is no different from what
Pharaoh's government did then, and it will end the same..

And a lot of people like to call Mr. Obama a "Messiah," don't they? Is
he a Messiah, a savior? Didn't the Egyptians say, after Pharaoh made them
his slaves, "You have saved our lives; may it please my lord, we will be
servants to Pharaoh"?

Well, I tell you this - I know the Messiah; the Messiah is a friend of
mine; and Mr. Obama is no Messiah! No, brothers and sisters, if Mr. Obama
is a character from the Bible, then he is Pharaoh.

Bow with me in prayer, if you will.

Lord, You alone are worthy to be served, and we rely on You, and You
alone. We confess that the government is not our deliverer, and never
rightly will be. We read in the eighth chapter of 1 Samuel, when Samuel
warned the people of what a ruler would do, where it says "And in that day
you will cry out because of your king, whom you have chosen for yourselves,
but the LORD will not answer you in that day." And Lord, we acknowledge
that day has come. We cry out to you because of the ruler that we have
chosen for ourselves as a nation..
Lord, we pray for this nation. We pray for revival, and we pray for
deliverance from those who would be our masters. Give us hearts to seek You
and hands to serve You, and protect Your people from the atrocities of
Pharaoh's government.

In God we Trust


gruaud said...

"Render unto Caesar the things
which are Caesar’s, and unto God
the things that are God’s”
Mathew 22:21

The context, a man asked Jesus if
it is legal/lawful for a Jew (one
who believes in God) to pay taxes
to Caesar. Jesus asked for a coin,
and turned it around showing the
face of Caesar on it. He asked who
created the coin. When the crowd
answered Caesar he said "Render
unto Caesar the things which are
Caesar’s, and unto God the things
that are God’s”.

Taxes are of this world and a
Christian is duty bound to obey
the government in lawful authority
of men.

Tax the churches which enter the
political arena. Amen.

Anonymous said...

This sounds familiar. Possibly in the archive?

And if I remember my Sunday School correctly (and that performance of "Dreamcoat") the famine was God's work. He did it on purpose in order to put Joseph in power and help him get his revenge on his brothers who had wronged him. So maybe Obama is the new Joesph, a chosen son of God?

Marc with a C said...

"God provided for His people, just as He always has! They didn't end up giving all their possessions to the government, no, it says they gained possessions!"

Um, that's exactly the reverse of what happened. They sold everything they had and in exchange they got land, the sole condition being that 1/5th of everything they produced would belong to pharaoh. They became fruitful and multiplied to the point where they began to outnumber the Egyptians.

So in other words, not only was giving everything they had to the government the will of the Lord, it was directed by Joseph (God's chosen one) and not only worked out for them, but as a result they became wealthier and more successful than every before.

Jesus, are there really no more entry requirements for seminary any more?

ferschitz said...

"Well, I tell you this - I know the Messiah; the Messiah is a friend of mine; and Mr. Obama is no Messiah! No, brothers and sisters, if Mr. Obama is a character from the Bible, then he is Pharaoh."

If the Messiah is truly a "friend" of this minister, then I hope this minister is severely ashamed for misleading (at least) and lying to his congregation. WHEN to BHO EVER state that he is the "messiah"??? WHEN? Please show me the link. I demand to SEE it!

No Democrat ever stated that they saw BHO as the "messiah." This is yet another perverted, sick fiction manufactured by rightwing thinktanks (who the balls to push it out as if some "minister" said it) to shove down the throats of their manipulated minions.

Double UGH!

"In God we Trust" you say? Well fine. And in the corporate whores who spin out crap like this: there lies Satan. Satan: get behind me and stop LYING to these misguided people.

Anonymous said...

Oh, that horrible Pharaoh, "nationalizing" the harvest in his kingdom. What kind of democratically-elected capitalist leader does he think he is?

Anonymous said...

I don't go to church. Is it even possible one might hear this at a Baptist church? I can't believe they could keep their tax-exemption with political rants like that going on.

While governments do commit atrocities at times, health insurance companies do it every day of the week as a routine part of their business model.

Hooray4US said...

A lot of churches do political stuff in their churches. Some do, and some don't. It goes on all the time, but then is treated like this: as some kind of "sermon."

Like ferschitz, though, this may be something put out by a rightwing thinktank but made to look as if it's some minister's sermon.

Either way, it doesn't look good in terms of churche's tax exempt status based on not being politcal organizations, amongst other things.

Anoner said...

Many churches avoid any political wrong-doing, but some definitely push the envelop or cross the line. I have seen voter info handed out at churches, sometimes at the social hours after the service, but still. Churches aren't supposed to do that, and this email should be seen by conservatives as crossing a line.

One could also argue that the Council of Catholic Bishops should have had no say during the recent Health Care legislation debates, but there you have it: another line crossed, and I saw no protests from conservatives.

Anonymous said...

but there you have it: another line crossed, and I saw no protests from conservatives.

Texas removed Thomas Jefferson from their school curriculum on founding American philosophy because he argued for the separation of Church and State.

joshua said...

The only people that like to call Mr. Obama a "messiah" are right wing dweebs that had no idea what motivated people to vote for him. A derisive, disconnected-from-reality smear designed by your enemies does not mean anything.

Anonymous said...

"Right wing dweebs?" Chris Mathews had his leg tingle when watching BHO speak.

BHO was an empty slate when he was running for the first time. He now has a record, however dismal.

Such a leftist is a one-termer to be sure. His values are SO out of the mainstream that they are comical. My money is on Herman Cain. A REAL businessman who can transform the country NOT like BHO, but to restore jobs, security and the economic recovery we so badly need. NO NEW TAXES!

ferschitz said...

To last Anon:
1. Chris Matthews isn't leftwing.
2. Obama's record is dismal. On that, I agree with you.
3. Obama is NOT a leftist, however. Obama is a rightwing NeoCon corporatist masquerading as a democrat. Either you are woefully misinformed (by watching Fox perhaps), or you're not really paying attention at all, and/or you are a rightwing sock puppet paid to post dumb drek like this.
4. Vote for "Godfather" Herman Cain, if you please. It's clear that Cain will not be the T-GOP candidate, however. For one thing, the T-GOPers will never ever vote for an African American, which is why Obama had to run as a "Democrat." Cain is simply the "token" black that the T-GOP permits to run his mouth at their events.
5. "NO NEW TAXES" - eh? Sock puppet. Just by the way, the USA has the lowest progressive tax rates of any of the wealthier nations. You give away your credibility - however tenuous - with that pandering to the elites.

Anonymous said...

His values are SO out of the mainstream that they are comical.

Do explain. What exactly about his "values" are out of the mainstream? He's a political centrist and a christian with a wife and kids who likes golf and basketball. Am I missing something?

My money is on Herman Cain.

Now THAT'S Comical!

gruaud said...

"His values are SO out of the mainstream that they are comical."

See, here's where your argument collapses. Right-wing authoritarian extremism isn't mainstream, despite what you've been told. Most Americans are center and center-left. They like healthy food, clean air, parks to walk in, decent jobs that are afforded protections, a good, inexpensive education, and affordable health care.

All of that goes away if you pander to the so-called free market. Because a free market isn't a fair market and corporations don't give a tin-plated shit about any of that.

That Obama is something of a moderate Republican circa 1970 actually puts him out of the mainstream by a fairly small margin, but for exactly the opposite reasons that you believe.

sabina moon said...
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