Fw: A happy, smiling, friendly FACE

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Potato Head said...

Of course another hoax.

Anonymous said...

Iranian caviar, nice touch.

SJT said...

I'm taking up a collection. I propose that we buy every item on this list, donate them to Michelle and Barack, televise them enjoying it and then force every Republican to watch.

I think we'll change some minds about the appropriate use of torture.

Peter said...

Another right-wing myth debunked by Snopes:


joshua said...

This sort of stuff is really silly. The Obamas would certainly end up paying more money in taxes under the Obama tax plan, yet they would still easily be able to afford the type of meal the wingnuts think they ate at the Waldorf-Astoria. That goes for virtually every rich person out there.

It's worth noting that, of course, this is not the point. This is the sort of thing that killed John Edwards. Nowadays, rich people are not allowed to talk about the plight of poor people in the USA. Rich, influential people could do a lot more than anyone else to help the poor just because of their wealth and influence - but they are not allowed to. This muzzling is one of the rich's greatest success in the ongoing rich-against-the-poor class warfare in the USA.

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