Fw: Canada triples border agents and immigration personel

Canada's Preparedness & Readiness Plan
 -November/December 2008-


Leopold Stotch said...

and while you're over there, don't forget to enjoy "socialized" medicine.

C.M. Gonzalez said...

and while you're over there, don't forget to enjoy "socialized" medicine.

C.M. Gonzalez said...

Dangit! My comment was actually s'posed to look like this:

" 'and while you're over there, don't forget to enjoy "socialized" medicine.'

Oh snap!"

Snarla said...

Boy, they really don't understand the concept, do they? If they don't want Obama to raise taxes or grant universal health care, they're going to flee to Canada?! hahahaha.
Unless it's just his blackness that bothers them.

Potato Head said...

Good grief, if I understand this attempt at humor, boy are the wingnuts ever stupid. Maybe it's because they heard the government here is "Conservative"? If Obama ran here (I'm a US expat living in Canada), he'd crush Steven Harper like an ant. They did a poll here over the summer, and something like 60% of the public would vote for him. (About 15% would vote for McCain.)

That aside, the Conservative Government here is roughly the equivalent of the Clinton Administration in terms of its actual position on the US political spectrum. Here're two words guaranteed to turn would-be Obama refugees right around: Gay Marriage. (Two more words: Gun Control.) And let's not even mention marginal income tax rates above 50% on incomes above roughly $80K. I just laugh thinking about the average wingnut fleeing here.

Of course, life here is wonderful, which just goes to show, you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

They should show them fleeing to Mexico, that place is more in line with what the wing-nuts want. You have a small group of rich elites who control most of the money, and the majority of the population is poor and gets very little help from the government and labor unions are an unknown.

300baud said...

For the first time in my life as a Canadian, I find myself worried that our immigration laws are too lax.

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