Fwd: A great quote

Subject: Fwd: A great quote

What a great quote...we should be all fired up !!!


"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him the White House based on the same credentials." - - Newt Gingrich


gruaud said...

You'll never be president, Newt.

And thank god for that.

Anonymous said...

Boy I sure am fired up by some hack quote which probably wasn't even uttered by Newt! Woo!

Maybe Obama needs a few more of Newts credentials to be a better president. Perhaps he could:

Divorce his cancer striken wife in order to marry a staffer he's having an affair with.

Be a petty jerk who brings the government to a halt because he felt personally slighted.

Resign in shame from his position as speaker of the House.

Or generally just be an evil, hypocritical prick.

ferschitz said...

Well gee whiz, if Newt feels this way, then that changes everything!! Why didn't you say so before, Newt?

Oh, what's that?? You were too busy shafting one of your 3 wives and the entire country with your contract ON america to keep us updated on your iddle-widdle fweeelings about BHO?

Jealous much???

Celia said...

LOL Newt Gingrich.

I don't know about you, but I'm offended that the Nobel people don't give a rat's red rump what Newt Gingrich think about anything at all. Offended. Horribly so.


(Even if Newt didn't really say this, my points still stand)

bendk said...

I'm fired up! = I'm revving my Rascal scooter

Anonymous said...

If there's an actual source for this eye-roller, it's long since been buried by blog "quote of the day" attributions.

Anonymous said...

Stay Classy, Newt.

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