Fw: Our new pharmacy


gruaud said...

"Loss of wealth" ?!?

The upper class has been waging an economic
war against the rest of us for over 30 years.

Or hadn't you noticed?

"May induce conservative thought"

Maybe you shouldn't take them rectally, then.

ferschitz said...

Bought and paid for and shoved out to you by Americans for Prosperity, who astro-turfed the Teabaggers. Americans for Prosperity is funded by the Koch family (pronounced "coke"). They are superwealthy. Scion Fred C. Koch inherited wealth from his family's oil & gas holdings.

Fred Koch hires sleeze PR guys, like Tim Phillips, who, himself, is a member of "The Family" Christo-facists who engaged in such shenanigans as portraying Max Clelland, a Viet Nam vet (who lost both legs and an arm in VN) who used to be Senator from GA, as Osama bin Ladin, which led to him losing his Senatorial seat to spoogebucket Saxby Chambliss. Tim Phillips is a big gun behind this type of disinformation campaign. You can see Rachel Maddow call him out for what he is: a parasite who feeds on creating fear in the US population.

Go to MSNBC and watch RM's interview w/Tim Phillips on Thurs Oct 15: you will learn a lot about these creeps and how their sole interest is to make money for themselves. They will lie, cheat and steal without a shred of remorse.

Yeah, you might want to check out who's actually writing this "prescription," bc these folks - the RWF types - are certainly NOT looking out for the best interests of the middle or working classes. Of that I am very, very sure.

bendk said...

I'd.. kinda like a government pharmacy..

BUT OH NO BIG GOVERNMENT IT DOESN'T WORK. Only when you refuse to fund anything but defense, republicunt.

katz said...

It reduces wealth *and* services?

I don't think you understand how taxes work...

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