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"We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people." Theodore Roosevelt


Anonymous said...

Nice language.

You know what would have been an awesome way to fight the Afghan war? Actually providing enough troops the first time around.

"The idea that it would take several hundred thousand U.S. forces I think is far off the mark." -- Donald Rumsfeld

gruaud said...

The president is the commander in chief.

Or have you conveniently forgotten that?

And another thing: the army has been fighting
this war longer than our participation in WWI and
WWII combined, and we're no closer to "winning"
(whatever that is) than when we started.

Republicans: always wrong about everything.


ferschitz said...

Uh, lessee, when W the lesser was POTUS, uh, hmmm, and what skills or qualifications did he have to be Commander in Chief?

- draft deferment from Viet Nam service bc of influential daddy - check

- enlisted in TX Air Nat'l Guard for 6 years but then just "quit" after 2 years - check

- born to WHITE family with a silver spoon in his mouth - check

- legacy student at Yale and Harvard bc of influential family ties (and not his academic achievements) - check

- ran every business he got to own (bc of family connections) into the ground - check

- ignorant, incurious, incompetent at everything - check

- lied to US to get us into a war in Iraq - which immediately detracted from the limited success the US was having in Afganistan - for no reason, other than to make money for himself and his rich pals in the military-industrial complex - check

- dropped the ball on catching Osama bin Laden early in the Afgan conflict by refusing to send more troops to the Tora Bora hills (mere coincidence that the bin Laden family are BFF with the Bush family) - check

- Osama bin Laden, who is responsible for 9/11, never caught on W's watch - check

- Ignore the warnings of Clinton and members of his Admin, especially Richard Clark, about the impending and predicted attack by al Quaeda - check

- Went on vacation for over a month after serving in office for less than 9 months, just when Richard Clark was warning of impending al Quaeda attack - check

BUT --->>

- idiotic teabaggers don't accuse W of being from a foreign country - check

Snarla said...

That certainly sounds like President Obama, arrogant, dismissive, and self-aggrandizing, just like he always sounds...in Glenn Beck's dreams.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear BHO saying something exactly like that to Gen McCrystal... NOT.

And with all the General has on his plate - as in REAL life & death matters - I can just imagine that's the first thing the General would bother to think when talking to the Commander in Chief... NOT.

Self-absorbed wingtards projecting their ignorance and stupidity onto any random person in sight... YES.

bendk said...

Hello, and welcome to unfunny rightwing Superpoop

katz said...

The thought bubble makes this look like a left-wing lampooning of right-wing paranoia and misconceptions.

What they don't seem to get here is that BHO, as commander in chief, is his superior officer. So these decisions are his decisions to make, and he isn't required to agree with the generals (though it's courteous and smart for him to, usually).

Anonymous said...

Obama has done a pretty crappy job running the war for the past 8 years, hasn't he? We're such idiots for electing him for a third term, aren't we?

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