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Fromyou Mr. President...so very true...

Thank you Mr. President.

...and her future grandchildren are too!! Cute sign, but sad reality.

This says it all...pass it on. - Funny, regardless of political leaning.


Anonymous said...

I suppose the "Mr. President" referred to here is Bush, given how his policies have created this whole mess?

Also, I thought right wingers were against "indoctrination" of innocent little children (God forbid they listen to a speech from the President in school or learn a song with his name in it!) I doubt this little girl can even read the sign she's being forced to wear, let alone understand it. Disgusting and exploitative.

ferschitz said...

Yes, Anon: agreed. Per usual, the cognitive dissonance makes my eyes cross, blocks my sinuses, gives me a giant thumping migraine, and makes me want to barf.

Karl Rove, Roger Ailes, Rupert Murdoch, Glennda Feck & Fathead Lushlife have really figured out how to indoctrinate & brainwash these contards, and, sadly, they're not all stupid or uneducated, either.

SIGH. Yes, little girl, you ARE in debt, but it's BHO who's trying (and not getting any help from the ratbag, Blue Dog DINOs either) to help you. You're exploitive & addicted (to rightwing hate speech) parents are the ones you should fear. Do the opposite of almost everything they tell you!

gruaud said...

It's not funny at all, you RW-forwarding idiot.

An entire generation has been ripped off, shafted,
and left for dead. Both the Afghan/Pak and Iraq
Wars were unbudgeted and bleed approximately
one billion dollars on a DAILY BASIS.

Did you think leprechauns were going to pay for
them? Or, even more ridiculous, the uber-rich
who got us into this mess in the first place?

Anonymous said...

What's so weird about this RWF, beyond the typical numbskullness, is the use of words like "cute" and "funny."

IF I was wingtarded (shudders at the thought) enough to srsly believe the nonsensical, not-based-in-any-reality fantasy fiction that these jerkwads SAYthey do, I certainly wouldn't find these issues "funny" & "cute." Are they serious? Or do they, in fact, not believe any of this b.s. but are cynical enough to use children to further their political strategy?

If they think that using a hapless child as a pawn is "cute," then I give up. Disgusting.

bendk said...

"I'm in debt due to my parents' stupidity and the corruption from an unregulated banking industry! Tee hee! Quit trying to help, black president! We have another house to buy, cause if you haven't heard, the housing industry's going UP, UP, UP!!..."

Hibryd said...

Yeah, sorry kid, we were working on getting that down during the Clinton years, but people like your parents voted in people who promised to return that surplus to them instead of paying it off.

CMcD said...

Honey, you only think you own that dollhouse. If you will recall, you signed up for a "pick-a-payment" Option ARM with Countrywide. That means that the payments you made with money you earned at your lemonade stand aren't paying down any principal, and when the interest rate resets, your payments are going to skyrocket, and Barbie and Ken are going to be living in Barbie's Cool Convertible Car. At least until it gets Repo'd. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

HI am Carol, grandmom of "the little girl holding the sign".
So, critics think they have the moral superiority to harshly judge a family, about whome they are CLUELESS? How wonderful to posses such God-like judgement.
Our 2 yr-old granddaughter watched us making family signs (for the 9/12 Rally in DC), including a sign for Henry, her 80 yr-old granddad. She decided she wanted her own little sign. We laughed, but finally her dad made the sign you see in the "picture", which she loved and called "her robot".

We never imagined in our wildest dream, so many families would laugh, & enjoy
"her sign", & take thousands of pictures, with our blessing. How can a sign so innocent, & a child so innocent, illicit such disgusting, & degrading comments? God Bless you all.

carol shaw greger P.G. County Bowie, Md 20715

gruaud said...

Carol, you ignorant fool.

And you have the moral superiority to judge us?
You're pathetic.

You earn every bit of scorn, especially for
trotting out your grandchild for political
purposes; striking a low blow and then crying
foul when people disagree. Go to Hell. I'd
respect you more had YOU held the sign,
but you hid behind a child.

Your sign isn't innocent, although your poor
granddaughter is; when she gets old enough
to realize how you've used her, I hope she can
forgive you.

How shameless and immoral you are.

Oh, and God bless you, too.

You'll need it.

Dori said...
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Dori said...

See this article, in none other than the New York Times!


Dori said...

It never surprises me that left-wing people use insults, vulgar language and personal attacks in order to make a point. The most hilarious thing about this point they are making is that they are all untrue! While most Republicans are unhappy with Bush's light approach to being a true republican, the real problem, which is documented in several bills and legislative sessions, is the fact that the real crisis started in the Clinton years. It was thought at the time in his cabinet and congress that all people should be able to have the American dream of owning a home. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack made every change possible to create sub-prime mortgages and loosen the eligibility requirements to obtain certain home loans. Once those 5 yr ARMs expired and home owners (who couldn't afford the home they bought in the first place)could not afford the new payments, the foreclosures skyrocketed and the burden was then placed on all hard working, tax paying Americans. All of this economic downturn is a direct result of this housing crisis Clinton's staff created, and is in no way something Bush did. If we keep providing things to those that cannot afford it, we will continue in a downward spiral, and the less fortunate (mostly) will never see the value of hard work and determination to get themselves there. These people knew what they were signing when they bought their homes and agreed to their loan's stipulations. And if they didn't know English, they shouldn't have signed it in the first place. That was stupid on their part.

This is the time that we stand up for America and the hard worker that started this country. It is one thing to be compassionate, but compassion does not involve handouts or place extreme burden to those that have responsibly attained their homes or any other material things on their own hard work. This is true for health care as well. Why heavily tax those (90%) that have healthcare so those other 10% can have it? Then you will see an even worse economy than we are seeing now.

So stop the insults, liberals. We see right through them with the absence of any facts and historical value. Your attacks get us nowhere, which is why I now agree that liberalism is truly a mental disorder. I hope you get the medical attention that you need. Oops-- with the new government healthcare, you probably will have to wait at least 2 years and not receive the quality that you currently receive from your private doctor now. :)

gruaud said...

Hi Dori,

You're an idiot.

That's not an insult. That was a compliment.
Best I can do, under the circumstances.

Dori said...
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Dori said...

What? He/she does not have the capabilities to have a discussion without being disgustingly insulting to every well-intentioned poster that actually has a point to make, using thought and proof to back it up. This site is now obviously a waste of time with people like the previous poster throwing vulgarities and insults after every post. What a disappointment to all potential readers.

Anonymous said...

Oh no! I guess Dori won't be back to spout more bullshit talking points from Fox News and Mike Weiner. However shall we get along now?!?

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