Fw: [Bulk] FW: Why Chicago didn't get the Olympics


ferschitz said...

Yes, I'm so sure that's the major consideration that swayed the IOC to choosing Brazil.

This RWF sent to you by someone who looks more like the "Chicago" photo, and never, ever looked like the "Rio" photo.

At least this RWF isn't blaming BHO in some twisted way: this might be a first for them to blame someone/something other than the POTUS!! So: bookmark this one.

gruaud said...

There has never been an Olympics in South America,
So this is long overdue.

While I would have liked Chi-town to get 'em, good
for Rio De Janeiro.

And way to cheer Chicago losing the bid, Republicans.
Classy to the last drop, you America-hating clowns.

Anonymous said...

I am from Chicago and am happy we did not get this nightmare.

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