Fw: The new Democratic designer drug ....


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gruaud said...

A thief thinks everyone steals. And a liar thinks everyone lies.

Fail again, Foxsuckers.

Anonymous said...

AGAIN, with the cut-and-paste humor.

I don't mean cut-and-paste literally, just metaphorically - the whole approach. Lying and BS, as well as kicking back with a "who cares?" attitude like that picture, were both *W* things. He was KNOWN for it, so humor along those lines actually worked. That's WHY there were so many jokes about him being full of it and not caring and believing his own BS. (Even the suggestion-of-impotence angle is a W thing, but I won't get into that.)

I understand you on the right don't like Obama, and you're entitled to your opinion. I also understand the urge to make fun of a politician you don't like - it's only human, and we on the left had plenty o' fun at W's expense.

But can you plesae TRY to be original? Can you at least TRY to come up with your own style of jokes that actually FIT Obama and his human foibles, instead of cutting-and-pasting ideas and approaches from the Bush years? It's a different president, folks. The jokes we made about your guy don't apply to this guy - that's why they flop.

(WHY am I lecturing the humor-challenged? Lord knows, maybe I'm just bored.)

Anonymous said...

Project much?

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